Academic journal article Canadian Social Science

Strategy for Developing Chinese Tourism Service Industry from the Angle of Tourism Translators

Academic journal article Canadian Social Science

Strategy for Developing Chinese Tourism Service Industry from the Angle of Tourism Translators

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In order to develop tourism service industry in China, tourism service should be taken into consideration based on human being and tangible service acting on tourists. Service quality of international tourism depends largely on Chinese tourism translators, so it is the key to improve the quality of tourism translators. From what aspects translators can be improved is an inevitable topic. The paper analyzes the features of Chinese tourism translators. Excellent tourism translators should possess the four good traits, that is, strong professional awareness, deepcultural consciousness, growing service awareness and highlevel of organization and coordination as well as strong team work ability. And then some strategies are put forward. In order to achieve the improvement of the above four facets, what requires in theory teaching in China is to adjust personnel training from curriculum setting and teaching method. In practical teaching what school and government need to do is to strengthen practical environment and to establish the platform of cooperative training together. These measures are of great significance of developing Chinese tourism service.

Key words: Tourism service industry; Tourism translator; Strategy


China is a major tourist country with abundant tourism sources, so paying close attention to tourism industry will bring huge economic and cultural benefits with a powerful effect. Tourism belongs to services and is always an important part of services. What's more, tourism is transforming from traditional services to modem services. From a development view, the modem services features of tourism are becoming more and more obvious, so we should take a positive attitude and cultivate carefully as well as speed up the development of modem tourism services. Study on the strategy for developing tourism service industry has its necessity and urgency. At present scholars at home and abroad have done some researches on the strategy for development of tourism service industry. However, what they are less concerned about is service benefits given by international tourism translators. The paper raises the writing background that the tourism service industry puts forward the new requirements for tourism translators and China tourism translators should adapt to the demands of tourism market. The paper analyzes the research findings of predecessors, makes up the deficiency, and discusses the strategies for the development of tourism service industry from the angle of China tourism translators.


Tourism service is a kind of integrated service in a certain economic development stage, and it is a kind of intangible interaction which happens between tourism service providers and recipients. World tourism organization defines tourism service as any service provided by tourism industry to tourists, including tourism and 12 related categories like service, amusement, culture and so on. Study on tourism service has aroused great concern in China and abroad. Since the mid-twenty century scholars abroad have been researching into diversified facets of tourism service using different theories like service management, service marketing, service economics and experience in economics. Throughout their researches, they can be divided into four aspects: basic research, perception research, quality research, electronic tourism service and tourism e-commerce service research. There is great difference in researches on tourism service perception and quality between China and foreign countries. Po-Ju Chen; Deborah L Kerstetter (1999) in foreign countries usually analyze expectation and satisfaction for tourism services, factors affecting tourism service perception from the angle of tourists. Based on that, they put forward some suggestions on how to improve tourism industry service. Xu Xiumin (1998); Liu Dexiu (2002); Qin Yuanhao (2000) in China show their more concern about psychology, attitude and skills for tourists. …

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