Academic journal article Cross - Cultural Communication

YangQin Teaching Reform of University

Academic journal article Cross - Cultural Communication

YangQin Teaching Reform of University

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The rise of musicology professional in the university has brought new look for China's education development. The teaching objective and task of musicology professional in the university become how to train comprehensive music talents to adapt to the cultural construction. According to the characteristics of musicology professional, combined with the university teaching idea, this paper endeavors to explore teaching new ideas of YangQin, optimize teaching mode of professional skills and deepen YangQin teaching reform in terms of YangQin teaching patterns and methods.

Key Words: University; YangQin teaching; Reform


With the flourishing development and progress of higher education in China, the regular institutions of higher education have set up the major of musicology successively. Dulcimer teaching is very important in the national instrument teaching of musicology major of regular institutions of higher education. Through the exploration and practice in recent years, dulcimer teaching experience and talent training mechanism have been further enriched and completed. However, as the dulcimer performance foundation of the college students who major in music is weak when they enrolled and the traditional "one-to-one" teaching mode based on the master-apprentice relationship is still kept, it is hard to adapt to the training requirements of the current social development for national instrument talents. Therefore, it is expected to make new exploration and improvement to the old teaching mode, teaching content and teaching method, etc.


Most regular institutions of higher education adopt the teaching mode of music conservatory. Compared with the top professional performers trained by the music conservatory, the students of regular institutions of higher education have a lower starting point and worse foundation, so it is unpractical to train them to top music performers. Therefore, we must pay attention to train the basic playing method of dulcimer students and optimize and reform the teaching mode for the purpose of adapting to the social development demand.

1.1 The Teaching Mode Integrating Tutorial and Lecture

The teaching mode integrating tutorial and lecture means that the dulcimer teaching adopts the teaching mode the specialized lecture and the specialized It changes the traditional closed "one-to-one" professional teaching mode to the diversified open teaching mode. It not only maintains the personality advantage of music education, but also adapts to the universal education law in regular institutions of higher education.

1.1.1 Tutorial

The "one-to-one" tutorial teaching mode is a necessary teaching mode determined by the specificity of music major. It is the easiest way to communicate with students in terms of thought, academic skills and emotion. Therefore, such traditional teaching mode has been used through the whole teaching process. At the time of the rapid development of science and technology, such teaching mode shall be particularly breathed new life and given new energy in order to keep pace with the times and play the due teaching effect.

a. Teach students in accordance of their aptitude. We adopted corresponding course contents and teaching methods to different students according to their practical situations, professional knowledge levels, skills, understanding powers and personal characters, etc. We made the teaching process change dynamically in order to instruct knowledge better, activate teaching atmosphere and avoid dull teaching mode.

b. We made the contents fine. In terms of teaching contents, we met the personalized demands of the students, selected the etudes and pieces which can suit the individual characteristics better, assigned and arranged targeted teaching contents and enriched the knowledge and skill vacancy of students. We found and corrected the problems and shortcomings of students timely in their performing process and guided the students to think more and summarize better in addition to guide them to master the basic playing methods and skills. …

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