Academic journal article Cross - Cultural Communication

Sculpture-Mask under the Environment of Chinese Rock Painting Art

Academic journal article Cross - Cultural Communication

Sculpture-Mask under the Environment of Chinese Rock Painting Art

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China is one of the countries where rock paintings were earliest and most numerously found and which has the earliest record of rock paintings.

The artistic form of rock painting, as the materialization of primitive human's aesthetic consciousness, can be treated as a reflection of material and spiritual life of our ancestors, which is what I focus on and keep pursuing. Not only does it reflect the varied and colorful life slices and unsophisticated spiritual world of ancestors, but also it shows the unlimited vitality of primitive art.

In my "sculpture world", sculpture, as a kind of culture and artistic form of expressing and creating great sense of beauty, represent the current reality of true feeling, a kind of direct, pure, original experience.

In this thesis, by explaining the content, form and spiritual connotations of my sculpture work Mask, I will discribe my sculpture concept and pursuit-current reality.

Key words: Chinese rock painting; sculpture; Mask;


Rock painting is a kind of historical records described on the cliff stone. Books of all dynasties in China mostly recorded the living conditions of emperors and seldom reflected the daily life of people at that time. ilowever, you can see these works on the cliff stones, such as the paintings reflecting social producing, like hunting, grazing, agriculture planting, etc.; the ones reflecting religious belief, like ancestor worship, sacrifice ceremony and so on; and the ones reflecting daily lives, like village forms or dances. Therefore, all of these works on the rock painting have significant meaning.

As the materialization of hominid creating initial aesthetic consciousness, rock painting can be treated as real portrayal or art cucoloris about the material and spiritual life of ancestors as a kind of special artistic form, which is what I focus on and keep pursuing. It reflects the colorful life slices as well as the simple and true spiritual world of ancestors, and the boundless vitality of primitive art.

Actually, it's a hint for me to think: Why are the rock paintings studied and discussed sedulously by researchers spanning the limitation of long history and vast areas? Why does it have such a relative constant permanence? In my opinion, the "relative constant permanence" is derived from the "current reality" of primitive ancestors. The more current and more real feeling can provide us with stronger universality and permanence of surpassing times.

In my "sculpture world", sculpture, as a kind of culture aiid artistic form that can convey feelings and ideas and create boundless aesthetic feeling, reflects the current reality that I can feel, as well as a kind of direct, pure, and original feeling, hi this paper, I will make an analysis and interpretation through my sculpture creation Mask, striving to make an extension through it to analyze the inspiration of Chinese rock painting art to my sculpture creation, reflect my understanding and realization to sculpture creation, describe my sculpture pursuit, and display my desirable "sculpture world".


1.1 Chinese Rock Painting Elements in Mask

1.1.1 Rock Painting Introduction

Rock painting, also called rock fresco, cliff painting, rock carving, rock sculpture, carving stone, rock arts, etc., is a kind of artistic form and culture phenomenon existed depending on stone carving in the form of painting or carving. In the early development process of human society, ancestors used stones as tools, described and recorded their life contents and production ways in simple, natural, rough and brief manifestation modes. As rock art derived from the Old Stone Age, the earliest artistic forms of human society show the intelligence and wisdom of ancient human being. We can say that rock painting is a kind of culture phenomenon in the early time of human society, an important element of original plastic art language, an "encyclopedia" wrote by primitive ancestors in picture, and a precious culture heritage left to descendants by our ancestors. …

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