Academic journal article Kuram ve Uygulamada Egitim Bilimleri


Academic journal article Kuram ve Uygulamada Egitim Bilimleri


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Dear Respected Members of the Community of Educational Sciences,

Demand for KUYEB continually increases due to the fact that there are only a limited number of qualified journals focusing on the educational sciences in Turkey. In order to satisfy this demand, we at EDAM have begun to offer a variety of new features within our journal.

The most important of these is that every article is first published as OnlineFirst (before print publication). In doing this, we assign a DOI number to each article published. As a consequence, demand for the journal has increased.

Another adjustment made is lies in the acceptance and publication process of articles, as they are now written in English. As a result, articles written in English from various countries are now being submitted to KUYEB for review.

I would like to share some information about KUYEB:

The first five volumes of KUYEB were published biannually; this increased to 3 issues a year between volumes 6-9; and it has now become a quarterly journal starting with volume 10.

In 2011, KUYEB received 396 applications; this number increased to 455 in 2012 and to 383 as of September 2013.

In 2011, 90 (22.7% of total submissions) articles were published. In 2012 the number of published articles was 88 (19.3%); whereas in 2013, it is only 15.

The KUYEB Editorial Board has 33 members and its Referee Board has 463 International members.

I would like to thank all respected educational scientists, who have not left us without their invaluable contributions during our 13-year-old journey.

With my best wishes ...

Halil Eksi, Ph.D.

Egitim Bilimleri camias?n?n de?erli mensuplar?.

Kuram ve Uygulamada E?itim Bilimleri (KUYEB) Dergisi'nin 2013 y?l? son say?s? (Güz) ile kar??n?zday?z.

Bir önceki say?m?zla birlikte gerçekle?tirmi? oldu?umuz yap?sal de?i?ikliklere (DOI numaras? ve OnlineFirst yay?n) akademik kamuoyundan son derece olumlu geri bildirimler olmu?tur. Bu de?i?iklikler dergiye gelen ba?vuru say?s?n? da art?rm??t?r. Bununla birlikte gelen ba?vurular? dondurmadan en h?zl? ve en etkin ?ekilde çal??malar?n neticelendirilmesi için çabalar?m?z devam edecektir. Bu çabada en büyük katk?y? sa?layan de?erli hakemlerimize gönülden katk?lar? için bir kez daha te?ekkür ederim.

KUYEB'in bir k?sm? kamuoyunun malumu olan baz? bilgilerini bir kez daha sizlerle payla?mak istiyorum.

KUYEB 1-5 ciltleri aras?nda y?lda iki say? …

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