Academic journal article The Journal of Educational Research

Experience of Pakistanis' Who Migrated to United Kingdom: Immigrants Perception

Academic journal article The Journal of Educational Research

Experience of Pakistanis' Who Migrated to United Kingdom: Immigrants Perception

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The research was conducted to investigate the experiences of Pakistanis regarding immigration to UK Qualitative approach was used for this purpose. The research was designed as a phenomenological model. Three families from London were selected as a sample of the study. Non probability sampling method was used for selecting sample, convenient sampling technique was used. All the families of East London were the population of the study. Structured interview telephonic interview was used as a tool to collect the data for the research. Data were analyzed qualitatively through recursive abstraction technique. The participant's families said that immigration is not easy process they spend lot of money for this, they give sacrifices for immigration process, enjoying facilities there but missing lot of things of their country. Suggestions were given by the participants for new comers. Some suggestions were also given by the researchers after the study.

Keywords: Phenomenological Model: Immigrant's Perceptions, Immigration Process, Experience of Immigrants, UK Immigration


From the beginning of the history, man migrated from different parts of the world, from one country to other. If one migrates just for the short visit, he/she is usually called a tourist but if one migrates with intention of living in a new country, this process is called immigration or emigration and people called immigrants or emigrants. A large number of the people migrate from one country to diverse their carrier and to get more opportunities education and career wise. Those who settled in U.K, they are working in different departments. Major departments/fields are: Business and Finance, Entertainment, Journalism and Media, Law and Justice, Literature and Art, Military & Police, Politics, Science and Medicine, Sport, and Other Fields.

In 2005, more than 190 million people migrated from their countries to another and settled in new country with different purposes. It looks like a massive number of people, three of every one hundred citizen's moves from their country and rest of the people stayed in their own country. Similarly, a great number of population have been migrated to the different part of the world for intention of living like America , England, Ireland, Scotland, France , Japan, China, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Norway , Italy and Greece. Pakistanis' migrated to UK soon after 1950s. UK lies between the North Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea, and comes within 35 km of the Northwest coast of France, from which it is separated by English Channel. North Ireland shares a 360 km international land boundary with Republic of Ireland. The Channel Tunnel board beneath the England channel, now link the France with England. It is made up of three countries: England, Wales and Scotland (Barrow, 2010)

The immigration to U.K from the region which is known as Pakistan now a day's began in 17th century, during the British Raj people from this region severed as soldiers in the British Indian Army. Second World War break up the rule of British Empire and Pakistani immigration to U.K increased during 1950s to 1960s (Hatton, 2005). This study will facilitate other peoples who want to migrate to UK from Pakistan as it contains experiences of UK immigrants that what was their perception, feelings, what problems they faced, what sacrifices they have made and what is the procedure of immigration to UK from Pakistan. It will provide guidance for those who migrate to U.K.

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Immigration has become more significant to UK economy. Immigrants become 12% of total workforce in UK. Immigration becomes one of the most burning public policy issues in UK. Net immigration cab ne defined as immigration minus emigration. The net immigration increased rapidly due to the foreign bom person's n UK population (Hose of Lords Select Committee on Economic Affairs, 2008).

British Pakistan's

British Pakistani people or Pakistani Britons are the British citizens those who have their ancestral roots in Pakistan. …

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