Academic journal article Journal of Media Research

Basic Principles of Brand Management

Academic journal article Journal of Media Research

Basic Principles of Brand Management

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Basic Principles of Brand Management

Author: Cosmin Irimie§

Publisher: Accent, 2013

Personal brand, brand management...extremely fashionable and overused terms that have lost most of their real meaning and significance due to their forced entrance into the common, day to day language. The majority of us use these terms and so many more related without even thinking about the more profound significance they might have. And this is where the book "Basic Principles of Brand Management", written by Cosmin Irimieç, takes its strength from.

As the author himself states at the very beginning of his research, "the purpose of this book (that includes, besides new research and case studies, some reprints from articles published by the author during the last year, in trade magazines), is not by far to make an exhaustive or even comprehensive analysis of the brand management process or of the brand history, but to introduce basic notions that may lead to a more thorough approach of this discipline". (Irimieç, p. 8)

Indeed, the real and obvious purpose of the book is to enlighten some of the hidden, inner values of terms such as branding, personal brand, brand management, brand creation, adding real value to terms that have lost it by getting too common.

Very easy to follow, the narrative speech leads the reader into the scientific field of brand management, without for one moment assuming that any of the related notions is known by default and must not be insisted upon. Thus, the author starts by justifying his scientific work through some succinct introductory considerations, only to continue with a clear and organized approach.

The presentation of the basic notions of the field of brand management could not overlook various definitions and the historical evolution of the term "brand" as well as essential aspects related to brand architecture that is the step by step creation and nurture of a specific brand as "branding started disconnecting itself from other communication services and transformed itself into truly a scientific process, with specific processes and agencies to carry them out" (Irimieç, p. 12)

Brand creation and development would be though incomplete and unsuccessfull wothout knowing the personal characteristics of different types of brand, and this must be the reason why the author gives great importance and space also to brand classification. He presents the basic features of corporate brands, institutional brands and last, but not least, consumer brands. …

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