Academic journal article Asian Social Science

Current Trends in Technical and Vocational Education Research: A Meta-Analysis

Academic journal article Asian Social Science

Current Trends in Technical and Vocational Education Research: A Meta-Analysis

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The rapid development of world economy led to the development of physical and human capital. This development is supported through the provision of skilled human resources impetus towards the enhancement of social economic status of a country. This encourages academics conducting more research in the field of Technical and Vocational Education (TVE) to help improve the development and the formation of skilled workers. Current trends in research conducted around the world to the field of TVE can be used for smart partnerships between academics and policy shapers of TVE in the country. To achieve the goal, this article will discuss the current trends of research conducted through literature review. The survey, carried out will involve the use of meta-analysis using a variety of relevant peer reviewed professional journals. The findings show that current trends in the study of selected journal focused on three main areas of apprenticeship, measurement and evaluation and the use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in the TVE.

Keywords: apprenticeship, measurement and evaluation, ICT

1. Introduction

Technical and Vocational Education (TVE) is one branch of education offered at the present time. It was created to provide opportunities for students who have a tendency to science and technology education to meet the manpower needs of the industry. To realize technical education programs, many related programs have been created and offered. This training system has also been introduced at the secondary school level to the tertiary level. These efforts will enable potential students are trained to be professional workforce and semi-professionals in various fields of technology and engineering. Technical and vocational education is actually able to help school dropouts in education is academic, but has great potential to become excellent individuals in the areas of skills and thereby stimulating the economy as a whole.

A variety of emerging trends in the research field of TVE. The flow exist must be understood in depth impact on the existing system. In order to understand the profound impact on the emergence of new trends in this system, there is a need for a deeper exploration of global trends in terms of changes in technology, economic and social (Majumdar, 2009). This global trend has clearly given the implications of the system of TVE Asia Pacific in general and Malaysia in particular. Changes experienced at once has changed the and affected the TVE system as the implementation of Competency Based Assessment, Employability, work-based learning, apprenticeships and so on.

Therefore, the purpose of this analysis is to identify the current trends, the latest issues of choice and the needs of researchers in the field of research that has been published TVE. Synthesis of results from studies Rojewski, Asunda & Kim (2008) showed that studied trends in TVE not comprehensive, just refer to some kind of journal in the last three years (2002 to 2004) as the Journal Career and Technical Education Research, Journal of Career and Technical Education, and the Journal of Industrial Teacher Education study involving America. This resulted in the analysis results do not reflect the overall global scenario that occurred in the TVE. Thus a meta-analysis of studies that refer various international journals and current is required to view trends and current issues at the global level in the TVE.

2. Related Work

The 43 articles synthesized in this research were published between 2007 and 2011. The researcher focused on 4 main aspects: research methodology, apprenticeship training and skill development, assessment and evaluation, and the use of ICT in technical and vocational education (TVE).

The articles were obtained from refereed journal sources, including the Journal of Vocational Education and Training (JVET), Education and Training (E & T), Journal of European Industrial Training (JEIT) and Evaluation & Research in Education (E & RE). …

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