Academic journal article Asian Social Science

Ethical Consideration on Development of Modern Ecological Agriculture in China

Academic journal article Asian Social Science

Ethical Consideration on Development of Modern Ecological Agriculture in China

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This paper discusses the importance of ecological agriculture from the perspective of ecological ethics. Firstly, it proposes issues encountered in the development process of ecological agriculture in China. Secondly, it develops the ecological ethics implication of ecological agriculture that ecological agriculture implies respect towards ecological value, reflects pursuit on ecological benefit and emphasizes emphasis on ecological safety. Thirdly, it makes an analysis of the development path of ecological agriculture.

Keywords: ecological agriculture, ecological ethics, ecological safety, ecological value, ecological benefit

Ecological agriculture is to summarize and absorb successful experiences in all kinds of agricultural production modes, apply ecological systems engineering method and modern science and technology, reasonably arrange agricultural production to make it attain the level of optimization and establish an agricultural production system that adjusts measures to local conditions under the principle of coordinated development of economy and environment and according to the principles of ecology, ecological economics, biology and cyclic regeneration of materials (Liang, 2011, March 20). Establishment of such a system calls for cooperation between several parties, not only cooperation between food production and other economic crops in terms of production, but also cooperation between multiple industries, such as, forestry, animal husbandry, avocation and fishery, etc. Realization of this system also requires support of technology. On one hand, the traditional agricultural essence should be inherited and carried forward; on the other hand, advanced science and technology should also be applied. In designing of an ecological project, we should follow the principle of sustainability, deal well with the relationships between economy, society and ecological environment and form a virtuous cycle between the three so as to ensure stable and orderly development of agricultural economy. (Li & Min, 2001, July 12)

With regards to issues existing in current development of ecological agriculture in China, it is a must to strengthen the fundamental position of agriculture, choose an agricultural modernization path with Chinese characteristics, construct a long term mechanism in which industry promotes agriculture and urban cities promotes rural areas, adhere to the primary task of developing modern ecological agriculture, persist in the development outlook of sustainability and establish policy security and science and technology innovation and promotion system. It is also necessary to cultivate a new type of farmers who are educated and proficient in technology and operation and let hundreds of millions of farmers play a role of subject on the path of developing ecological agriculture.

1. The Realistic Dilemma in Development of Ecological Agriculture in China

1.1 Theoretical System to Be Improved

Ecological agriculture, in itself, is a complicated systematic project, which involves theories in multiple disciplines of economics, ecology, ethics and biology. Previous studies have mainly been conducted in a single discipline and, indeed, have achieved definite research achievements, which can be said to have been through and profound in a certain aspect. Nevertheless, these studies are insufficient in interaction of all aspects. In order to make up for disadvantages in this regard, it is necessary to improve studies on ecological agriculture. We need to transfer from a study perspective of a single discipline to a systematic and comprehensive study. We have to take consideration of multiple aspects on the basis of a profound survey and analysis of the current ecological agriculture mode, considering the factors of ecological regionalism, stability, harmony and durability, widely absorb experts and talents from multiple interfaces to take participation, refer to knowledge in multiple disciplines, comprehensively apply the coupling rule of all factors, the optimal design of structure, scientific classification system and objective evaluation method and construct a theoretical system of the ecological agriculture itself. …

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