Academic journal article Journal of Research in Educational Sciences

Analyzing the Effectiveness of Marketing Communication within the Faculty of Mining and Geology, Vsb-Tu Ostrava and Verifying Hypotheses

Academic journal article Journal of Research in Educational Sciences

Analyzing the Effectiveness of Marketing Communication within the Faculty of Mining and Geology, Vsb-Tu Ostrava and Verifying Hypotheses

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University managers face dynamic changes of environment which constraints them to innovate current approaches to managing the communication and to implement such a marketing approach into the management system that requires a high-quality communication mix created on the basis of marketing research. This article deals with results of the questionnaire survey performed in newly enrolled students of the Faculty of mining and geology, VSB-TU Ostrava. The questionnaire survey was focused on reasons and motives which lead students to attend the faculty as well as on learning those elements of the communication mix which are privileged by students and which affect them within choosing the course, faculty and school. The article also contains defined and tested hypotheses which either confirm or disconfirm premises, defined by the authors. Results of the survey analyzed shall become the basis for suggesting the ideal communication mix which may be utilized by the school management in order to improve the marketing mix and to make it more effective.

Keywords: company marketing management, management, marketing survey, marketing communication, testing the hypotheses.

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1. Introduction

Efforts to internationalize education programs broadens the competitive environment of Czech universities into EU ones. For Czech universities, this competitive environment on the collegiate market has become keener. The character of offered services, still growing competition and adverse demographic development make universities carry out the marketing philosophy focused on a particular school. The authors are involved in the project called "Analyzing the communication mix of the Faculty of mining and geology, VSB-TUO and its effectiveness" (SV 511 22 D1) which is focused on problems of optimizing the current marketing communication mix, utilized by the faculty within communication with potential applicants for study. The aim of this project is increasing the call for study at the Faculty of mining and geology (hereinafter FMG) but primarily the aim is to reach such a situation when only those students who are interested in attending offered FMG courses apply for this education; they could then utilize their knowledge in practice within a chosen branch. The article is focused on presenting the findings which imply from the questionnaire survey and on results of testing those hypotheses that were formulated in connection with this survey. The facts found out may be utilized by the FMG management upon improving the marketing communication mix and making it more effective.

2. Theoretical bases

Dynamic changes of the economic, social-cultural, demographic, technological, legal and political character (which effect in the current turbulent market environment) affect demands and wishes of customers I clients of companies and organizations operating not only in the private bur also in the public sphere; they (inter alia) cause the growth of competition. These changes are often unpredictable; however, they affect fulfilling strategic aims of companies and organizations - therefore it is necessary to face them and respond in a flexible way. The marketing management within a company is thus necessary. The area of tertiary technical education does not represent any exclusion; schools performing within this area provide education which is an immaterial service with all specific features (Kotier and Keller, 2006). Fulfilling the commission and aims of universities depends on acquiring an adequate number of students who are interested in a specific course as well; nowadays, the demand to give out the process of quantification and to focus on processes leading to the area of quality of education programs occurs; it is the answer to demands and needs of the whole society (Soukalová, 2012). In order to affect the demand for study, the marketing mix is utilized; the marketing communication is its integral part. …

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