Academic journal article Journal of Research in Educational Sciences

The Role of Human Resource Management with Special Qualifications Provided for Enhancing the Quality of Higher Education in Kosovo

Academic journal article Journal of Research in Educational Sciences

The Role of Human Resource Management with Special Qualifications Provided for Enhancing the Quality of Higher Education in Kosovo

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Higher education is one of the essential components of social and political transformations, which also directly affect the steady state institutions and the creation of preconditions for economic development. As shown by the experiences of many other countries, university education helps in considerable degree in quality assurance frameworks and competitive labor market. Therefore the higher education system, the political and economic development is interrelated and interdependent. Higher education institutions have three main functions related: increasing function of knowledge and skills, the creation of staff function for labor market and social and political functions. But higher education system in Kosovo still continues to face fundamental problems that currently degrade this segment.

The main problem is that he recorded with the level of quality of higher education is in fact a problem of the entire education system in the country. The reasons are many, but the lack of skilled human resources and competence is evident. This means that without a comprehensive reform of the education system, this segment is unlikely to reform desirable. Really saying, today, there are a series of guidance documents and recommended that are guiding the process of reforming the higher education system but we consider that action plan is missing related to lack of qualified human resources with experience who will manage these needs.

Keywords: higher education, university management, human resources.

1. Introduction

The importance of human resources for the needs of social development and economic growth is already known. Human resources are a key element for sustainable and fast economic growth. Human capital is particularly important for countries in transition as they are reforming their economies to market economies. While progress towards a market economy in the early stages depend on the willingness and commitment of government to implement reforms, developments in the later stages of these economies depend largely on the ability of human capital to acquire and use the skills needed to build competitiveness of the economy.

From the beginning of this century governments have seen education as an increasingly important role in the economic development of the country. The mechanisms behind this relationship are considered: greater productivity of labor and the use of technological innovations quickly. The former implies that investment in generating higher benefits to individuals in the form of higher earnings and shorter period of unemployment and non-participation in the labor market. The human capital of the Kosovar population is the greatest asset of the country. Equal access to a modern education system is also an important factor in promoting modern economy and it is a condition of equality and social welfare and to promote the welfare of minorities and disadvantaged groups (marginalized). Many studies show that even in Kosovo, at the individual level, education is a crucial factor in increasing the probability of finding and retaining employment and provides a higher level of income in Kosovo. High levels of achievements in innovation, entrepreneurship and self-employment in the country and significantly speed up the process of knowledge transfer. For all these reasons, expenditure on education should be seen as investments, the effect of which will be above all a faster economic development. Precisely for this reason since 2000, the government of Kosovo has increased public and private spending on education as more priority. It is interesting that so much is written, discussed, interpreted, analyzed to enhance the quality of higher education and little or no should be emphasized that the profile of competent persons who have the qualifications, skills and motivation necessary to achieve these goals or objectives.

Globalization, the new economy and increasing geographic mobility of workers with high labor productivity have become the attention of the government to address the increasing competition in the global, knowledge-based economy. …

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