Academic journal article Contemporary Readings in Law and Social Justice

Considerations on the Main Online Services Used by Companies in the Virtual Environment

Academic journal article Contemporary Readings in Law and Social Justice

Considerations on the Main Online Services Used by Companies in the Virtual Environment

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Online marketing allows customization of products and services and therefore it may satisfy consumers at a superior level. Clients' targeting is thus much more efficient and it is done differently as compared to traditional marketing. In this context, companies should use both traditional and online marketing strategies due to the fact that the new cyber-consumer takes his purchasing decisions by surfing the Internet. Therefore, it is recommended to develop a database with detailed information on current and potential clients and to be aware of their reaction regarding the secure repository and the usage of their personal data.

Keywords: online services, online marketing, databases

1. Introduction

The virtual market has opened new amazing business opportunities and various challenges for virtual corporations. The online environment needs continuous vigilance, quick answers and versatility, as well as the wish to take risks to survive and grow.

To successfully cope with the virtual world means to practice strategic thinking and organizational flexibility, as well as continuous business transformation and innovation.1

Therefore, there is continuous pressure on businesses to become professionals in the online environment caused by the fact that the Internet has gained ground as compared to traditional methods, which led to greater power and sophistication degree of clients.2 Also the development of Internet as a powerful marketing channel is completed with the mobile media rapid development in recent years. Latest consumption trends and increased Internet usage are shaping the evolution of mobile marketing and integration of it in the context of virtual business environment. (Gârdan, Geangu, Roçu, 2011).3

2. Services Marketing in the Online Environment

Nowadays, clients are much less willing to accept inefficient or unpleasant services and due to the fact that they are provided with better and better services, their expectations are continuously growing. No clients would go back to a place where he has been neglected or treated inappropriately (poor services quality, unfair price/service report); moreover, he would share his dissatisfaction with his friends and acquaintances.

Online marketing has triggered the growth of the convenience by destroying the barriers of time and space.4 We may shop or do anything 24/7 only by using our wireless Internet connection from the privacy of our house.

It is important to know the main domains of online marketing5 as presented in the following figure:

Therefore, online marketing and online services refer not only to organizations that sell products or provide services to consumers (B2C commerce), but nowadays technologies give the opportunity to manage B2B relations better than before, which ensures better relations with the entire company, not only with salespersons or other employees.6

Nowadays, the ever-increasing importance of online services is obvious due to the fact that companies such as IBM previously considered as producing companies have modified their field of activity and are considered service companies that provide clients with final products. IBM envisages itself as being the greatest services business in the world. It is world's leader in IT services and it has approximately 200,000 services professionals in the world. The Global Services Department offers product services, professional consultancy and services of network extension. A lot of companies have outsourced their entire activity connected to services to IBM, due to the fact that IBM provides services better than any other company.7

Lapierre, Filiatrault and Perrien (1996)8 distinguish between professional services and standard services. A professional service is thus an art or a representation offered by a person with experience to another person that uses an ethical code and who represents the object of some high quality control standards. …

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