Academic journal article Asian Social Science

The Effect of Using Video on Developing Physical Fitness of Physical Education Students at the Hashemite University

Academic journal article Asian Social Science

The Effect of Using Video on Developing Physical Fitness of Physical Education Students at the Hashemite University

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The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of video on developing physical fitness to physical education students at the Hashemite University. The study sample consisted of (20) Physical education students They were divided into two groups, the control group (10) students went through traditional physical practice method, and the experimental group (10) students went through physical practice using video, Pre and post-tests were carried out to measure student's development in physical fitness (Vertical jump from stability, Throwing and receiving the ball, Trunk bending forward from standing, Zigzag running, Throwing a ball to the farthest distance and 25m running). Statistical analysis included t-Test for mean at pre and post test for the two groups, and t-Test for mean at post test in the two groups. The results showed significant differences (p < 0.05) in post test between the two groups in favor of the experimental group, it is concluded that using video improved physical fitness level more than the traditional method. The researchers recommended using video to developing physical fitness.

Keywords: teaching styles, video, traditional method, physical fitness

1. Introduction

Educational institutions seek to achieve the objectives of the educational process with a high efficiency, accuracy for the individual learner, through new teaching styles that help the student to make a positive participation in the educational process. This innovation and development in the teaching styles aims to get the learner approach the high efficiency and achieve the anticipated goals. (Mohammed, 2006) Learning is influenced, to a far extent, by the teaching styles used by the teacher. Therefore, teaching based on experimentation and application with its effects are transferred easier and faster than learning indoctrinated into the learner. New methods in teaching manners emerged which help to shift the activity center in the learning process from the teacher and the subject matter to the learner. (AL-Labani, 1991). It is necessary to use more than one way to transfer the information to the students through diversification and development of physical education teaching styles, in order to address the individual differences by better methods. In fact, there is no single ideal method to teach physical education, and the selection of the method is primarily based on the educational status of each educational setting (Moston, 1981).

Teaching makes acquisition of knowledge and skills possible through systematic interaction between teachers and learners. It happens every day and involves teacher, learner, and methodology and materials interaction. Part of these materials is known as instructional resources. The uses of instructional materials in teaching process provide the basis for improved teaching and learning of a subject. They are designed, produced and use to achieve specific instructional goal. The use of audio and visual media contributes to saving time, increasing knowledge and understanding, and interest of students. They help students to recognize problems, provide solutions, and make the instructions more effective (Ayinde, 1999). Alaku (1998) stated that teachers' effectiveness depends on the use of appropriate instructional strategies and audio-visual aids. Appropriate instructional strategies portray good teaching techniques and successful learning. They assist students to enjoy and understand lessons easily especially when they are attached with appropriate methodology. Video is a very important example of instructional materials.

Physical education teacher plays a major role in diversifying the introduction of information to the students, providing them with skills and abilities, and availing a degree of social discipline during the lesson, to a degree allowing a smooth running of the educational process without any interruption. Furthermore, the use of the suitable teaching styles and utilization of the environmental resources in the teaching process will reflect the teacher's mastership in showing his/her material clearly. …

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