Academic journal article Cross / Cultures

He Spoke Truth - Quietly

Academic journal article Cross / Cultures

He Spoke Truth - Quietly

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He spoke Truth quietly

But he lived in a World of THUNDER

With Lightning Flash across our Mind

There are times the Heart

steps into Blind Alleys

groping in vain for Lost Love

We could have Measured our Word

with Fair and Careful Thought

But he spoke Truth quietly.

And he lived in a World of THUNDER.


Apotro the Frog was always on his Knees

paying homage to Nana Brempong Nyame

praying and sobbing for welfare of his Clan

We mistook his Humble Posture

for a pre-natal Handicap

We even threw alligator pepper

into his Eyes

And we laughed to see the Tears

Now that he Lies-in-State

we are Embarrassed

to Measure his Full Stature

We find in him a Warrior

With the Heart of a Dove


We were bom into a World of Musketry.

We survived the Age of Cannonades.

We fell in love with Lion Kings

who Planted Grenades in their Voice

Sharpened their Paws into Spears

Trampled the Land with Boots

Raised on Poisoned Spikes.

We Composed Praise Songs

for Leaders Full of Guile and Bile

We Carved Statues in Polished Bronze

for Preachers Filled with Screams and Lies.

But he came and spoke Truth quietly. …

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