Academic journal article International Education Studies

Social Adaptation and Its Relationship to Achievement Motivation among High School Students in Jordan

Academic journal article International Education Studies

Social Adaptation and Its Relationship to Achievement Motivation among High School Students in Jordan

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The study amid at exploring and detecting the level of social adaptation and its relationship with the achievement motivation of the secondary school students in Jordan, the study sample consisted of 495 secondary school students in the province of Jerash, and to achieve the objective of this study comes the development of two tools: the first one measures the social adaptation, and the second one measures the achievement motivation.

The study found many results, including: that the level of social adaptation and achievement motivation among secondary school students in the province of Jerash were high, and also showed the presence of a statistically significant positive relationship between the social adaptation and the achievement motivation among the secondary school students in the province of Jerash too; therefore and in light of these results, the researcher recommends conducting further studies exploring the social adaptation relationship to other variables.

Keywords: social adaptation, achievement motivation

1. Introduction

social adaptation is considered one of the important issues directly linked to human behavior, which is in tum a reaction of an individual trying to achieve harmonization of his motives and needs on one hand, and the requirements of the environment and the different circumstances in the other hand; so he cares about the positive actions that brings satisfaction and leads to more social acceptance, and therefore the ability to adapt in different life situations.

The adaptation process occurs as an interaction between the individual and the surrounding environment in order to satisfy his motives and incentives, which must include a changing process in behavior to fit the surrounding environment changes, and also must include the feedback behavioral and psychological responses that can adjust his behavior for responding to these changes (Ahmad, 1996).

The purpose of life is to adapt with the environment, and to succeed in dealing with others so as to achieve personal adaptation, convenience, and self fulfillment; where humans since birth learn how to adapt with different circumstances, conditions and attitudes to know how to interact with others and to meet their own needs, and then to achieve satisfaction; which requires a deep knowledge of these needs by exploring the potential of the adaptation processes with the environment and the best practices of handling others (Mousa and El-Desoki, 2000).

2. Literature and Related Studies

The adaptive individual reaches the phase were his behaviors and actions correspond with the social environment in which he lives, then he will achieve a positive balance in his social relations with the social milieu around him, positively affecting all his various life aspects (Anani, 2000).

Thereby, social adaptation refers to the individual alignment between his reality, thoughts and the internal culture with his environmental socio-cultural concepts that may be arising from the ideological and the intellectual differences between him and his society, and then he tries to adapt so as to achieve that kind of balance between him and the surrounding environment, in which he can meet his needs by developing positive relationships based on vulnerability and mutual influence, which is the main objective of congenital growth processes of the individual at his different stages of life (Abdullah, 2001).

It is clear that the individual's social adaptation leads to the balance in his relationship with his environment, peers and his school, which of course will increase his achievement motivation, and will help him exploiting his energies and abilities to the possible fullest extent. Mayahi (2010) sees that the achievement motive is the most important and directly affected by the proper adaptation with the social environment.

Achievement motivation is one of the acquired motivations that sparked a lot of debate and controversy among educators, and it is one of the inherent needs which are associated with the motivated plaudits of the individual. …

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