Academic journal article International Education Studies

The Cognitive Outcome in the Physical Games at the College of Students of the Basic Science in the World Islamic Sciences and Education University

Academic journal article International Education Studies

The Cognitive Outcome in the Physical Games at the College of Students of the Basic Science in the World Islamic Sciences and Education University

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The study aimed at reconnoitering the cognitive outcome in the physical games at students of the college of basic science in the World Islamic Science and Education University. The descriptive method was employed, where the sample was randomly chosen, and amounted to (16) students (males & females) from the faculty. The sample discussed five primary dissensions: the physical, mental, emotional, and social and the educational side. The study deduced non-existence of differences with statistical indication at students of the faculty in what concerns the cognitive outcome of the physical games due to sex variable. The study results pin-pointed that the highest cognitive outcome was at the physical field following by the social field, and the lowest two fields in the cognitive outcome were on the educational field, then follows the mental field.

Keywords: cognitive outcome, physical games, education, mental, emotional, social

1. Introduction

The higher education sector in Jordan witnessed a great development in the number of Jordanian universities the public and private, and the number of students joining them, for associations of higher education sought to review the plans and educational programs offered by universities to their students, and the necessity of working for raising the level of cognitive outcome at students to enable the graduates deal with the requirements of the next stage and get acquainted with every new thing. And in the speech of high entrustment, the vision of his majesty King Abdullah, the second, and his wish was to arm Jordanians with skills, abilities and various experience and elevation with the cognitive level, and cultural and skillful levels through education and training. That was to graduate scientific efficiencies able to performance, development and change in the community and accompanying all challenges. But what concerns the role of the Jordanian Universities, concern increased during the last era in the physical and health education, that is through participation of university students in the various physical activities, in competitions and internal and external physical championships at the level of students in these programs, in addition to raising a theoretical subject within the education plans and electoral requirements for the bachelor stage, concerns getting students acquainted with different physical games and importance of athletics to man health.

There is a scientific renaissance witnessed at the modem communities, making large changes in most fields of contemporary life depending on every new science and cognition, to be applied and endeavored, to stir a comprehensive qualitative step to support the social and economic construction, and prepare the individual an integrated preparation at different fields of life, and occur great transformations and large changes at the fields of life (Hatamleh, 2002).

From important means in the scientific and great technological progress, witnessed at the world now, and that shared in occurring changes in individuals' life and communities, and transferring what man deduced of experience, skills and cultural and civilized values to the coming generations, where physical cognition represents one of the most important fields in the individual's life, which is considered from the cultural means, which share in the cognitive construction as a social phenomenon. (Khasawneh & AL-zubi, 2007).

And since large work fields at life domains and physical burdens, age requirements and technological challenges force the individual to take in cognitions, health trends and physical education in our life, and Peterson et al. (2003) assures the necessity of the following a health pattern of life, which cannot be done, except for practicing the physical activities, and health physical appropriateness, that has a direct effect on the heart health, which lead to belittling of heart disease and blood vessels. And The United States Department of Health And Human Services (USDHHS, 2012) assures that practicing physical exercises and participation in various physical games for improving the physical and health appropriateness have a great importance in individuals' health and all ages. …

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