Academic journal article Pennsylvania Literary Journal

Root-Reaching Genome

Academic journal article Pennsylvania Literary Journal

Root-Reaching Genome

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And so the new thinking now within the scientific community about the way genes and environment interact is more like a piano with our genes as the keyboard, if you will, and the environment as the hands of the pianist. You could play Bach or you could play improvisational jazz-it's the same keyboard, it's the same DNA but the environmental messages have changed. -Sandra Steingraber

Morning makes room without asking, as all that exists plays the keyboard. People sitting around a coastal fire may know it in the chest.

A boy in a man may be longing to walk wherever he wants. Years converge in the onyx claws and fins that tap into mindfulness.

Wind reaches civilization, shuddering in root-breathing chemical branches. The wilderness vanishes, as greens go unison, as if something could be undertaken to stop deaths of the animals.

Planting green within the cerebellum, the place stays native with bioluminescence, with bearings from the core of bones, as possibilities exist.

While horn blasts from the Korean peninsula fall off maps, the ground drives spent fuel rods on ghost tracks through Victorian hotel lobbies back in someone's Rockies, where steel's being served as the picture of permanence, of arrested motion which is deployed momentum, steaming steadily as it goes cold. …

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