Academic journal article Journal of Singing

Letters to the Editor

Academic journal article Journal of Singing

Letters to the Editor

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Dear Dick,

I always turn right to your column in JOS, so it was with dismay that I read the latest installment. And yet, as always, you managed to end with a positive message and a good deal of wit. As a singer and teacher who is feeling the first tinges of vocal autumn, I can at least begin to relate to your situation, but only to begin. As I feel the upper reaches of the voice becoming ever more elusive, and the phrases which I once sang with ease become either taxing or unadvisable, I realize that I will all too soon be singing more through the voices of my students, and less on my own.

It may be small comfort, but I can't help but say that you, dear editor, have greatly increased your range and the length of your phrases, by your transformation of the Journal of Singing in editorial quality, in tone, in scope, and in timeliness, and in so doing have raised the level of discourse among all of those the Journal serves so well.

Keep singing, Richard: in the studio, on the stage, at the clavier and the computer. We will all be listening!

Ralph Klapis

Instructor of Music, Valparaiso University

(and with greetings from my wife, Linda Ferguson, formerly

Department Chair)

Dear Dr. Sjoerdsma,

I'm writing to comment on a trend I'm noticing in the Journal of Singing. This trend is toward inclusion of more articles relating to contemporary commercial music (CCM). Robert Edwin's column was often the only place in the Journal where CCM-related topics were addressed. …

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