Academic journal article The Hudson Review

That Ancient History

Academic journal article The Hudson Review

That Ancient History

Article excerpt

That ancient history, those old and stale

Dead metaphors that tell the same dull tale,

Was once again about to envelop us.

It was a chronicle of greed and war-

We'd read the same thing many times before,

And now we too would be inscribed in it.

We thought somehow, in our fatuity,

That we alone were spared-we, only we-

Among the generations of mankind;

And, in our arrogance, that we could spend

Beyond our means, that it would never end:

We had no limits or impediments.

Our dreams were sordid, and these sordid dreams

Were built on monumental Ponzi schemes

That circulated through the ravaged earth.

We all colluded-none of us was pure:

The rich imposed their image on the poor;

The poor had nothing and were envious.

The artists had been neutralized long since:

They were reduced to insignificance

And had no genuine authority;

Nor were there poets to apportion rhymes,

Give weight to words and meaning to the times:

They had no weights or measures, ways or means. …

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