Academic journal article The Hudson Review

Warts and All

Academic journal article The Hudson Review

Warts and All

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"Devil follow corpse, cat follow devil, warts follow cat, I'm done with ye!"

-Huck Finn, in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

When we first meet Huck Finn, in Tom Sawyer,

he's swinging by the tail a dead cat-good,

he tells Tom, for curing warts-though you need

someone wicked just buried, and a devil

or two or three in the graveyard at midnight. . .

It sounds crazy to us now, like catching warts

from frogs, or Tom's remedy, spunk water-

rain that's pooled in a rotted-out stump-which Huck

refutes, by the way, citing as a source

a "nigger," whom even Tom must concede

likely wouldn't have lied, "though he never see

a nigger that wouldn't." That troublesome word

is all over Tom Sawyer, and of course

Huckleberry Finn, like the warts that sprouted

on my fingers when I was eleven,

those viral growths that festered along the nails

and their barely risen moons. Not long ago

a white publisher in Montgomery,

Alabama, tried to burn the word away

by changing it in his own printing of Huck

to the word "slave." It was hardly a salve.

He was like the dermatologist who dipped

a long cottony Q-tip in a thermos

and swabbed my fingers with liquid nitrogen

so cold my hands were useless for an hour. …

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