Academic journal article Antipodes

Night by Day

Academic journal article Antipodes

Night by Day

Article excerpt

Against the night sky, the window shows him

the room he lives in. In one corner sits an old man

that once he thought to know. There's a world outside

where the weather spits its ice against the pane

or the grit the wind carries. The figure looking out

can see the distant streetlights shining through his shirt

and through his skull. Lights that flicker in the shiver

of the leaves or blur like memory on the rain-wracked glass.

By night with storm against the roof and window,

looking out looking in: his marrow carries traces

of many nights: through the dark glass, glimpses

that waver like lights through wind-swept trees.

But by day the image in the window disappears, the world

outside presses in again, suppresses the past in the currents

of the present. …

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