Endangered Scholars Worldwide

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Social Research was founded by a group of scholars known as the University in Exile, refugees from Nazi Europe who found a home at the New School. In each issue we publish the names and details of scholars, researchers, and students who have been threatened or imprisoned, along with ways to offer them support. We see this effort as consistent not only with our own history as a journal but with the need to call attention to the increasing and often brutal attempts to silence our colleagues around the world.

If you are aware of a scholar or student whose case you believe we should investigate, please contact us at socres@newschool.edu.

The information in this report is current, to the best of our knowledge, as of December 1, 2013. Additional information and more recent information about many of these cases may be available on our website at http://www.newschool. edu/cps/endangered-scholars/.

SCholArS ANd reSeArCherS: NeW ANd CoNTINuINg CASeS


Previously featured scholars from Bahrain who remain in prison include mahdi 'issa mahdi abu dheeb, former president of the Bahrain Teachers' Association (BTA), sentenced to five years' imprisonment on October 21, 2012, on charges of "inciting hatred against the regime" and "calling to overthrow and change the regime by force"; and dr. abdul-jalil al-singace, professor of engineering at the University of Bahrain, sentenced to life in prison on charges of training and financ- ing a terrorist organization.

Appeals to:

His Majesty Sheikh Hamad bin Issa Al-Khalifa

Office of His Majesty the King

P.O. Box 555

Rifa'a Palace

Kingdom of Bahrain

Fax: +973 176 64 587

Dr. Fatima Al-Balushi

Minister of Human Rights and Social

Development, Acting Minister of Health

Ministry of Human Rights and Development


Kingdom of Bahrain

Sheikh Khalid bin Ali Al-Khalifa

Ministry of Justice and Islamic Affairs

P.O. Box 450


Kingdom of Bahrain

Fax: +973 175 31 284


Previously featured scholar enoh meyomesse, a writer, political activist, historian, and founder of the Cameroon Writers Association, remains in prison. He was sentenced to seven years in prison on December 27, 2012, on charges of illegally trafficking gold.

Appeals to:

His Excellency Paul Biya

President of the Republic of Cameroon

Office of the President

P.O. Box 100


Republic of Cameroon

Dr. Chemuta Divine Banda


National Commission on Human Rights and Freedoms

B.P. 20317 Yaounde

Republic of Cameroon

Phone: +237 22 22 61 17

Fax : +237 22 22 60 82

Email: cndhl@iccnet.cm


On November 4, 2013, a spokesperson for Toyo Takuen University near Tokyo, Japan, confirmed that one of the university's professors of Sino-Japanese affairs, Chinese scholar zhu jianrong, has been held incommunicado by Chinese authorities since mid-July 2013. He went missing in mid-July while on a trip to Shanghai and was unable to communicate with family until over three months later when a letter penned by Zhu made it to his brother in Shanghai. The letter only confirms that he is being detained by Chinese authorities and does not specify when he will be released. Prior to his disappearance, Zhu had been engaged in a research project involving interviews with officials of the Chinese military.

Xia Yeliang, a professor of economics at Peking University, was dismissed from his position on October 15, 2013, following publications in which he expressed liberal views and criticized the Chinese govern- ment. Although university officials released a statement claiming that the dismissal was due to a poor teaching record, several organizations and universities throughout the world, including Scholars at Risk, have expressed concern that the move was politically motivated. Xia was one of the first to sign Charter 08, a call for democratic reforms and respect for human rights, coauthored by previously featured scholar and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, liu xiaobo. …