Academic journal article Public Administration Research

The Surveying of the Customer Relationship Management Effectiveness in Governmental Organizations and Estimated Optimal Pattern: Case Study: Sistan and Baluchestan Province

Academic journal article Public Administration Research

The Surveying of the Customer Relationship Management Effectiveness in Governmental Organizations and Estimated Optimal Pattern: Case Study: Sistan and Baluchestan Province

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For optimizing the efficiency and giving the effective services to customer, there are many methods which have been proposed in different countries. In our country (Iran) to increase the satisfaction of client to organizations, "Respect for client project" in organization service was approved to the highly organization council. The goal of this study is characterization of the effective parameters in respect for client project which must be ordered by Analytical hierarchy process. This project was done in Sistan and Baluchestan province in two stages. The first one for identification of effective parameter on the mentioned plane will be taken the function (bases) of evaluation form in planning and management organization. At second step, these indexes were gathered and ordered by AHP questionnaire between chairmen and experts of 8 governmental systems and university professors.

After this step, the indexes were ranked with AHP method. With analysis of the results in notifying group, making the service and instructing place was allocated the highest ranking and ethical prism initialization in lowest of importance, as staff job behavior group avoid discriminating and obtaining the arrangement in occupational activity have the highest and lowest importance. Orderly, in the 3rd group, official space and equipment, location office automation has the highest priority and also occupational dimensions of office are in the lowest priority. As the latest group, the highest and lowest priorities were dependent on the rationality of required documents and announcement of the price satisfaction.

Keywords: customer relationship management, public affairs, quality of services, AHP technique

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1. Introduction

Mitigation of citizens' trust to government and governmental organs is a major problem in a growing community. One of the orientations of new public management is customer - orientation and clients' satisfaction. In official and administrative regime, satisfaction is considered as a main indicator to measure the efficiency and development of such system.

Unfortunately, despite of increasing apparent update of organizational structure and utilizing state-of-the-art technologies which lead into easy service delivery to customers, Iranian official system is yet experiencing low customer - orientation culture. To this end, initiatives like seven official transformation plan to promote and retain generosity in order to respect the clients were approved by the cabinet as the most important factor in organizational survival. Respect to client project enjoys a high status since it is inspired by Holy Quran teachings. Obviously, this project is bilateral: on the one hand, it values the generosity and rights of people and, on the other hand, it shows that to what extent disrespecting the rights and legal demands of people has led into people's complaints so that in Islamic Republic of Iran, the authorizes are convinced to provide a solution and to execute such plan finally (Moosavi, 2005: 22).

Management and Planning Organization were assigned to undertake this project and it obliges other governmental organizations to undertake it by announcing its approvals. Organizations execute this project via clients' satisfaction indicators determined by Management Organization. Government allotted a budget for all organizations covered by this plan in order to be spent for this project uniquely. Each year, Management Organization distributes a questionnaire among covered organizations to study the rate of execution and to measure clients' satisfaction on delivered services in order to clarify the rank of each organization in its group. Despite of paramount importance of respect to client project and remarkable allotted budgets to governmental organizations, preliminary studies by experts and academic professors indicate that this questionnaire does not cover all aspects and indicators to respect the clients and clients' satisfaction and it needs a scientific basis for prioritizing and rating such indicators so that this questionnaire should be able to reflect clients' attitudes and to show their satisfaction of this project actually. …

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