Academic journal article Review of European Studies

Christo-Islamic Perspectives on Abortion and the Challenges of Globalization

Academic journal article Review of European Studies

Christo-Islamic Perspectives on Abortion and the Challenges of Globalization

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The world is witnessing a tremendous change in every sphere in every facet of its social, political, economic as well as in the religious sphere. These changes have affected the orientation of people towards certain behavioural patterns that were hitherto regarded as sacrosanct and but which has now witnessed and is still witnessing serious changes due to the effect of globalization and this has eroded religious beliefs and practices. One such is the issue of abortion which has been legalized in some nations of the world and there has generated a lot of controversies among different religious groups, individuals and Non-Governmental Organizations. The basis for this lies in the fact that human lives are regarded as sacred and should not be taken at the whims and caprices of people irrespective of the circumstance except when such causes serious danger to the life of the woman. The modern trend of committing abortion and even its legalization is regarded as preposterous and inhuman and urgent steps need to be taken to avert the danger(s) caused by this dastardly act. Also religious groups need to rise to the challenges posed by this dastardly act in order to avert imminent danger to the global community.

Keywords: abortion, Christian and Islamic, challenges of globalization

1. Introduction

It is imperative to note that modernization and globalization have impacted negatively on virtually on every sphere of human life and religion has come under serious threats as those areas which hitherto fall under the auspices of religion has now been seen from the global perspective. One of such areas which have now been seriously underpinned by globalization is abortion.

In our contemporary society, the issue of termination of, or removal of "wanted" or "unwanted" pregnancies is a phenomenon that has generated a lot of interest both within and outside the religious circle. This is due principally to the upsurge in the number of people who are engaged in this dastardly act and the attendant consequences on women in particular and the society in general. Thus, the issue of abortion has generated and still generating a lot of controversies as it provokes a lot of emotional outbursts among a wide variety of people.

In explicating the status of women in the society, it is germane to explore the challenges that women are faced with in achieving global interest and rapprochement for better living and better working relation with the opposite sex with the view to eradicating this menace. This will go a long way in enhancing their potentials and placing them in high pedestal in their activities especially when it comes to the issue of sex.

Abortion is now the order of the day if not the norm in our contemporary society and it is now assuming a wider dimension and permeating every strata of our social life. Therefore, this paper seeks to consider the menace of abortion in our society especially as it affects the women. The paper seeks to consider why people engage in this act and what is the morality behind it? How has globalization impacted on our world view with regard to the issue of abortion? What are the Christian and the Islamic perspective and recipe for its eradication in our society? These will elicit a proper understanding of the issue.

2. The Menace of Abortion

Mwaura (2004) opines that "abortion is a human tragedy that has elicited public outcry in the recent past and become a critical concern. Despite opposition to its legalization by religious organizations and pro-life groups, it has been on the increase in developing countries". This has been the pathetic case of many African countries whose human wastages through this act is monumental.

However, two schools of thought have consistently offered divergent views on abortion. They are the "conservatives or anti-abortionists", who condemn abortion in all its ramifications and the "liberalists or the pro- abortionists", who on the other hand, gives credence to it. …

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