Academic journal article Military Review

A Fiasco

Academic journal article Military Review

A Fiasco

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I was glad to see that in his article "Equipping the Force" (Military Review, May-June 2002) Brian J. Dunn takes a more independent view of Army Transformation than is usually seen in Army journals. An author is always pleased to see his work ("Remaining Relevant," Armed Forces Journal International [October 1997]) cited, but unfortunately, Dunn appears to be unaware of my more relevant paper, "The `Shinseki Transformation Initiative'-is a Fiasco" (publishing citation not given, revised 27 May 2002). The heart of the latter paper is that Army Transformation, at least the vehicle part of it-the modified IAV [interim armored vehicle] (a modified LAV [light armored vehicle] III)-is a multibillion dollar fraud.

In October 1999, Chief of Staff of the Army (CSA) General Eric K. Shinseki said that he had several goals to make the Army more deployable; specifically the following:

1. The Army needs light armored vehicles deployable by C-130 transport aircraft.

2. That he saw buying wheeled armored vehicles as being the best means to meet that goal.

3. That he wanted to buy off-the-- shelf vehicles to minimize cost and schedule.

Some have said that the CSA did not propose "exactly" the above goals. That is disingenuous! The military is a "command society," and he made his wishes quite clear. …

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