Academic journal article Chicago Review

Three Poems

Academic journal article Chicago Review

Three Poems

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Abstract, the part below the water confines side; Abyss, the lower part. Adam or Adham, the divided or created part, man home or homo Babel of Chaldes, the spring water place part, habitation or dwelling place Brittain, Beritan, Bretan or Bredan inclosing a name given to this island as a specimen Com, on the inclosures; obliged to defend the inclosing spring water Could or Should, at surrounding spring water place. Couple; Courage Hence Dam or Dame. Damage. Droitwich the surrounding part side or street Hence Drop; Drought, the surrounding part shut. Drown. England in the time of the Heptarchy, the water enclosing, Angles or Isle Land covered by water. End, The inclosing side; Endless, the place below.

Flaw and Flow

Hay the spring place of growth Gangway or Geld Hard, the high water side The I signifying here no more than the article Joke, Journey, Joy, the circle of Sun Iron, the fire one

Keeps, Yorks, the inclosing water side Leg, the spring place and Legacy at the water place Letter, on the water place side Marches or Marshes Martyr or the faint-like L

Natan-Leod the inclosing water of sea side places, people or tribes, or the British possessions along the sea coasts from Hants to the Severn Sea Hence Obey; Oblige; Oblivion, a flood on the circle part ON, NO, OR, and Heliopolis

Hence Place; Play or Pleas, the water place side where Plight and Rain, Hence Reach, the river confines; Read, the river or flowing divisions or parts Saint, on the lower sea side or the cell; Sail on the sea

Tell, above or beyond the covering place, the high light covering or the sky. …

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