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Academic journal article Field


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Call it the bus they used to carry workers

and thieves alike both going to work or God

knows what or ten hands reaching down to pull you

up so you could hang on to the slats

and feel your upper teeth going into your brain

as first you slowed going up to give the gears

a chance to find the grooves then shaking

as they dropped into third though there was a strong

smell of sweat-and urine-in it, given how

you were crowded together, your leather suitcase

taking up too much room, the next hill

shaped like a parrot, the color

the color of bamboo, that perfect orange going

into yellow and leaving red, another bus

just behind you, shaking and groaning, finding

every hole, the thieves and workers it seems

jumping together, no one falling, though who was

bleeding or screaming I can't remember, it being

the year a Wilson was one of the Secretaries

and he had a hat made out of paper money

fifty dollars with President Grant on one side

looking as if he were walking in his sleep

in Riverside Park, near his tomb, I saw him

several times, I know it's hard to believe,

two thousand miles north of the flowering hills. …

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