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After the Church Reading against the War

Academic journal article Field

After the Church Reading against the War

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It was Galway kept talking about the sidewalk

and how it was made of stone and not cement

and what a great wonder it was to him,

but there was old snow piled up and I had to

walk in the street against the cars mostly

speeding cabs and I would have stood my ground

if someone there didn't pull me away although

what I remember I jumped over a barrier-

I sort of flew-and my pride knew no

bounds but at the restaurant I was too quiet

and maybe they thought I hurt my back or I was

thinking of death but I had probably

zeroed in on nothing which no one can stand;

and it was such a pleasure driving home

with the window open and the smell of

winter on route 78 and thinking

again of Galway and his stone sidewalk

and how I flew and how a bird ascends

at the last minute just to tease you, especially

crows, especially pigeons-and sparrows-so hungry

they stay for the bread and only when you reach down

do they go for the blue, and though it wasn't blue that night

but black, with snowflakes falling on your eyelids,

and though you did the bread later you flew

first over a red plastic fence, then over a wooden

and if there was only a starter wind to lift you

you might have never stopped flying, you might have risen. …

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