Academic journal article The Middle East Journal

Chronology: Lebanon, January 16, 1998-April 15, 1998

Academic journal article The Middle East Journal

Chronology: Lebanon, January 16, 1998-April 15, 1998

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Jan. 16: Lebanese security officials reported that Israel had launched an air raid near Nabatiyya, in the south, after Hizballah forces had killed three Israeli soldiers in the area. [1/17 WP]

Jan. 30: In Baalbek, 50 miles east of Beirut, clashes between the Lebanese army and supporters of Shi`ite Muslim cleric Shaykh Subhi Tufayli left two people dead and several people injured, according to army officials. [1/31 NYT, WP] Jan. 31: The Lebanese army ringed Shaykh Tufayli's village of Brital, near the border with Syria, in its search for the cleric. [2/1 WP, 2/4 FBIS]

Feb. 2: The UN Security Council extended the mandate of the UN Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) for another six months. [2/4 FBIS]

Feb. 7: Near Blatt, three miles from the Israeli border, Hizballah forces attacked an Israeli patrol, killing one Israeli soldier. At least two Hizballah fighters also died. [2/8 WP]

Feb. 14: Beirut Radio reported that the Israeli army had shelled the main road between Habbush and Nabatiyya, injuring a man from Habbush and damaging several houses. [2/21 FBIS]

Feb. 27: Beirut Voice of Lebanon reported that Hizballah forces had attacked eight Israeli and South Lebanese Army (SLA) posts in the south and had taken control of the Israeli Bi'r Kallab post, injuring three Israeli soldiers. [3/4 FBIS]

Mar. 1: Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu said that Israel would withdraw its forces from Lebanon, if Lebanon could ensure border security in the south. [3/2 NYT]

Mar. 2: Lebanon rejected an Israeli offer to negotiate a deal for an Israeli withdrawal from southern Lebanon, insisting on Israeli compliance with Security Council Resolution 425, which called for an unconditional Israeli withdrawal. [3/3 FT]

Mar. 6: Beirut Radio Lebanon reported that due to Israeli shelling near the town of Mashghara, in the south, three people were injured and the Lebanese army had filed a complaint with the Israel-Lebanon Monitoring Group (ILMG). …

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