Academic journal article International Journal of Education

Effectiveness of Multi-Cycle DEAL Teaching Model to Improve the Science Concept of Elementary School Students

Academic journal article International Journal of Education

Effectiveness of Multi-Cycle DEAL Teaching Model to Improve the Science Concept of Elementary School Students

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This study aims to determine the effectiveness of Multi-Cycle DEAL teaching model to improve elementary students' mastery of science concepts. The subject of this study was fourth grade elementary school students in Surabaya. The research was conducted in the second semester of the school year 2012/2012 by using Randomized Control Group Pretest-Posttest Design. The research data were collected with mastery test of science concepts. Research data were analyzed using ANOVA. Results showed that learning science by using the Multi Cycle DEAL teaching model is more effective to improve the mastery of science concepts to elementary school students learning compared to the previous teaching models. Based on these results, further research needs to be done with a range of material and the broader subject of research.

Keywords: learning models; Multi Cycle DEAL; mastery of concepts; science teaching in elementary schools

1. Introduction

Based on Permendiknas Number 22 Year 2006 about Content Standard, the objectives of Science subject in elementary school are (a) developing knowledge and understanding on Science concepts that are beneficial and applicable in daily life and (b) using process skills to investigate surrounding environment, to solve problems, and to make decision. Hence, students are required to master concepts by using process skills, and the concepts obtained are used to solve problems and to make decision in their daily life.

As a matter of fact, elementary schools' students recent result of science learning which is in the form of concepts mastery is still low (Sadia, 2003). Their ability to make decision is also still low. It is in line with the research of Suryanti (2012) which found that elementary school students have not mastered decision making skill.

Based on the objectives of science subject in elementary schools, concepts mastery and ability to make decision should be carried out integratedly in classroom teaching of science. Unfortunately, the condition of Science teaching in elementary schools has not met the objective yet. It is found in a research conducted by Suryanti (2012) that generally teachers do not or have not trained their students decision making skill to integratedly in their lesson. It indicates that skill in making decision has not become the objective of Science in elementary school. It is in line with Campbell et al., (1997: 2) that traditionally skill in making decision has not been included integratedly in the teaching of Science in elementary school. Therefore, some efforts need to be done to make the skill in making decision become an integrated part of Science in elementary school by providing learning environments which support to train decision making skill and to teach Science concepts mastery for students to solve problems. Thus, a method which is suitable with Science concepts mastery and skill in making decision needs to be taught intedratedly in Science teaching and learning.

One way that can be applied is developing Multy-Cycle DEAL Teaching Model. This model is carried out with the following stages: Discussion, Exploration, Analysis, and Look-back, in which in each stage there is a guide to train decision making skill by using DEAL stages. This Multy-Cycle DEAL Teaching Model has been validated by experts and tried out limitedly to know the use of the model in classrooms. To find out how Multy-Cycle DEAL Teaching Model is carried out in larger scales, a further study needs to be conducted.

Based on the explanation above, the general purpose of this research is to know the effectiveness of Multy-Cycle DEAL Teaching Model to improve elementary school students Science concepts mastery. The specific objectives of this research are 1) to find out how elementary school students science concepts mastery is; 2) to reveal whether there are differences in the science concepts mastery between those of the students who are taught with Multy-Cycle DEAL Teaching Model and the ones who are taught with the model which is previously used; 3) to find out whether there are differences in the concept mastery of the students from different school accreditation status; and 4) to find out whether there is interaction between the kinds of the teaching model and the school accreditation status towards elementary school students' science concepts mastery. …

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