Academic journal article Journal of Sociological Research

A Study on Work Stress and Job Satisfaction among Headmasters: A Case Study of Bilingual Schools in Sultanate of Oman - Muscat

Academic journal article Journal of Sociological Research

A Study on Work Stress and Job Satisfaction among Headmasters: A Case Study of Bilingual Schools in Sultanate of Oman - Muscat

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The Study made an attempt to identify the work stress and job satisfaction among headmasters of bilingual school in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. Work stress and Job Satisfaction are vital organizational issues affecting performance and growth of an organization in emerging competitive environment. Descriptive research design was adopted and simple random sampling with a sample of 40 headmasters of bilingual schools in Muscat was chosen for the study. The data was collected through two structured questionnaires on job satisfaction and work stress. The data was analyzed and reported through descriptive statistics. Result indicated that the headmasters of bilingual schools were more likely to experience stress at work and had a high level of Job satisfaction in their challenging work.

Keywords: Bilingual schools, Headmasters, Job satisfaction, Work Stress

1. Introduction

Oman government has shown much concern in the area of development of human resources in all sectors. Educational institutions play an important role in the development of human resource in a developing society. Headmasters are one of the important elements in the overall growth and development of educational institutions. They affect the relationship with teachers, students and management in school which has a significant impact on job satisfaction and work stress .Their satisfaction helps in achieving the objectives of educational system effectively and efficiently. Job satisfaction and work stress are important factors considered in bilingual schools as the quality of education depends on the satisfaction level of headmasters and teachers as their best efforts make school environment more conducive for better pedagogy. Bilingual schools are those institutions where lecture delivery is done in more than one language (Arabic and English). Since, it is not possible to completely separate language and culture of a nation, the term bilingual education includes the concept of bicultural education (Ovando and Collier 1985).Job satisfaction among headmasters can positively or negatively influence the performance on organizational goals. Headmasters dissatisfied from their job show negative attitude towards work and will feel stressed on their jobs. Stress can be physical or psychological. It is a state of tension which is experienced by individuals facing extraordinary demands and constraints in their assigned jobs; whereas Job Satisfaction has been conceptualized as an overall pleasant and positive attitude possessed by an employee towards the job in an organization. The descriptive study focused on observing the phenomena of work stress and job satisfaction in bilingual schools in Oman among Headmasters.

2. Literature Review

Review of literature was carried out to report the studies related to Work stress and Job Satisfaction. Following studies examined the underlying phenomena and relationship between Work stress and Job satisfaction which provide a basis to find out the research gap for the present study.

Parsa, (2013) examined the relationship between job stress and job satisfaction and responsiveness among 259 teachers in high schools of Urmia city. Parametric and non parametric test was used for the analysis. The result revealed that there was a significant and positive relationship between responsiveness and job satisfaction and significant and positive relationship between job satisfaction and job stress. A linear relationship was found between responsiveness of teachers, job satisfaction, age and job background. There was no relationship found between responsiveness and job stress. Peters, J (2013) made an exploratory study in the work load of Waldorf teachers using an open design. It was found that teachers coped positively with the stresses and strains of teaching when school supported them at all levels of school's activities. An empirical study was done by Kayastha, D.P & Kayastha, R. (2012) on the relationship between teachers stress and job satisfaction facets with a particular reference to corporate, higher secondary school teachers from Kathmandu and latitpur districts of Nepal. …

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