Academic journal article Economics, Management and Financial Markets

Technical Progress as an Important Tool for Quality Management

Academic journal article Economics, Management and Financial Markets

Technical Progress as an Important Tool for Quality Management

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ABSTRACT. In the few decades, modern flow of the world economy has continuously diversified forms of running, moving his center of gravity of the movement of goods in the sphere of production, as in stage. Creativity as a specific human activity is the ability of a subject of reorganizing the unique perception of the framework elements and design-build of new elements compared to the old framework in which it occurs. Scientific and technical creation manifested from ancient times, the most prolific proving especially Ancient Orient and ancient China, which owns more than half of practical inventions and fundamental discoveries on which the modern world. This paper aims to show that there is currently an indissoluble link between technical progress that increases product quality and the development of societies based on the implementation of sound management.

JEL Codes: M11

Keywords: technical progress; product quality; quality management

1. Introduction

The History of Economic Thought delay record as certain economists have considered technical progress as a factor of economic growth and socioeconomic development in general. In most part, theorists and economists concerned with the mechanism of the capitalist economy remained limited in explaining the balance between supply and demand and the general economic equilibrium. Jean Fourastie and other economists in the years before 1950 were awarded merit capital and thus, economic progress gradually came to regard capital as the dominant factor in modem economic hfe.

Only in the twentieth century, especially after the Second World War, economists began to be concerned with issues of technical progress and its role in the economic development. Although supporters of a dynamic view on economy, the contemporary theorists of economic growth incorporated technical progress rather late in their models, because they considered the economic system an exogenous factor. The first economist who saw the technical progress of the growth factor was Joseph Schumpeter.

2. Technical Progress - Concept and Features

It is true that technical progress was present throughout the evolution of human society, but the implications and effects have never been as strong and extensive as in the present period. Virtually, there is no area of human activity where you do not find it useful and involved. Its multilateral character is found, first, in the important changes that happen in all factors of production: technical means, materials, fuel, energy and the place and role of human factor in the development of production processes.

Second, although materialized in production, technical progress penetrates the field that currently exceeds all the other economic activities: organization, management, movement of goods, etc.

Third, technical progress is now contemporary and beyond economic life, its results being used in education, research, healthcare, art, etc.

Fourth, creation of the human mind, humans use the current technical progress in all activities and attempt to learn more about the natural environment, to protect and better utilize it in order to meet its everincreasing needs. Thus, new technical means and materials have been obtained due to technical progress and they currently broke in the universe, in the planetary ocean, not only in all the areas of life and human activity carried out on the Earth.

The main defining features of modem technical progress can be summarized as follows:

a) a prominent feature of the current technical progress is to explain its role, largely determinant, of economic growth in particular, and the general progress of society as a whole.

b) another feature of the contemporary technical progress is its unprecedented speed, resulting in considerable time between scientific discovery and its application in practice (if new findings on the phone, radio, television, nuclear power, integrated circuits, the laser, that period was reduced in time, from 10 years to 1-2 years). …

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