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The Significance of Innovation in Marketing Public Relations for Increasing Intake in Private Universities

Academic journal article Researchers World

The Significance of Innovation in Marketing Public Relations for Increasing Intake in Private Universities

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Nowadays, private universities keep trying to do their best to increase the students' intake, as the competition among them is tough. It is heightened by the condition that not only private universities but also state universities are active in promoting their program to attract prospective students. One of the strategies that private universities implement is having innovation as one of their marketing public relations strategy. This study tries to investigate the significance of innovation in Marketing Public Relations to increase students' intake in private universities. This study involves 6 private universities in Central Java. They have implement marketing public relations strategies with innovation in it. The data were obtained from interviewing the public relations personals in those private universities. The interview used open-ended questions to explore a more thorough answer. The result of the study shows that innovation does have significance in increasing students intake in private universities. The increase of the intake they have achieve so far with the innovation they have implemented is from 5% - 20% depending on the situation and condition of each university.

Keywords: Marketing Public Relations, strategy, innovation, intake, promotion, private university.


Nowadays, most private universities try to compete with other private universities in order to gain as many students as possible. Based on the research done by Sinatra and Krismiyati ( 2013) , it is stated that most private universities have applied their marketing public relations strategies in their promotion program. In most of their program they should have new innovations to attract new students to register in their universities.

The marketing public relations strategies that they have already done is having good relations with the high school students, media, parents, counseling teachers, society and also with the study programs. Besides having this relationship with the stakeholders, each private university should have a new innovation to attract the high school students to register in their universities.

Seeing the fact that MPR strategies with new innovation is really important for a university, then it is crucial for the universities to really think and plan effectively and efficiently of what kind of innovation that they will use for achieving their objectives and target. Therefore the objectives of this study are to see whether there is any significance of innovation in Marketing Public Relations program done by private universities in Central Java in order to increase their students' intake


This section will present a study literature done in this study that covers the previous study carried out in this field and some theoretical background serving as the theory basis of this study.


According to Harris ( 1993: 8), there are many signs that marketing public relations has come of age :

a. Public Relations has become a big and profitable business. It means that most of the companies acquired major PR firms not only to offer broader communication services to clients and gain greater access to client top management, but also because PR offers them greater proportionate profit potential.

b. Marketing public relations is the largest and fastest growing segment of a fast growing industry.

c. Companies have recognized the growing importance of marketing public relations with bigger budgets and fatter paychecks.

d. Public relations is getting increasing interest in the marketing and business media

e. The academic community is showing greater interest in public relations.

From those points above, it shows that public relations are really needed in all aspects. Besides that knowing about marketing public relations strategies is really useful for gaining the image of the companies / institutions. …

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