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Extraction of Wind Power at Different Windy Locations in Bangladesh

Academic journal article American Academic & Scholarly Research Journal

Extraction of Wind Power at Different Windy Locations in Bangladesh

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Abstract. In developing country like Bangladesh, the demand of electrical energy is very higher than the available production. Wind energy is an important source of electrical power in recent years. Its main advantage comes from the fact of being a renewable and environmental-friendly energy. Bangladesh being a tropical country does have a lot of wind flow in different seasons of the year. However, there are some windy locations in which wind energy projects could be feasible. This paper studied previously collected data on the wind resources available in Bangladesh. By analyzing this data, this work has been carried out to predict if these wind energy resources are sufficient for wind power, in the hope to determine to what extent the electrical energy produced from wind is capable of satisfying the energy demands. The wind speed data used in the analysis is the real data, which is measured in selected windy locations. The simulation analyses have been performed by using Windographer.

Keywords: Renewable energy, Wind energy, Windographer, Wind power class, Bangladesh.

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Now a day's worldwide energy crisis is one of the great problem. The interest in renewable energy has been revived over last few years, especially after global awareness regarding the ill effects of fossil fuel burning. The use of renewable energy technology to meet the energy demands has been steadily increasing for the past few years, however, the important drawbacks associated with renewable energy systems are their inability to guarantee reliability and their lean nature. Renewable energy sources are considered to be the better option to meet these challenges. This paper deals with an estimation of electrical energy from the previously collected wind energy data on the windy locations in Bangladesh by using windographer. Reduced magnet price has made synchronous generators with permanent magnet excitation (PMSG) an attractive alternative in the last couple of decades. Permanent magnet synchronous generators (PMSG) applied to wind energy conversion system (WECS) using variable speed operation is being used more frequently in wind turbine application. Variable speed systems have several advantages over the traditional method of operating wind turbines, such as the reduction of mechanical stress and an increase in energy capture. The amount of energy captured from a WECS depends not only of the wind at the site, but depends of the control strategy used for the WECS and also of the conversion efficiency. The software is used for analysis; Windographer is a wind data analysis program. It reads raw data files, does advanced statistical processing of the data, produces a variety of graphs for visualizing the data, and provides tools for quality control of the data. Windographer has been developed by Mistaya Engineering. It allows opening three types of raw data files: text files, NRG Systems data logger (.RWD) files, and MicrosoftExcel (.xls) files. When opening one or more raw data files, Windographer creates a Windographer document and stores a copy of the data from each file in the document. Windographer never modifies the collected wind data in the original data files.


Recently, the generation of electricity using wind power has received much interest and considerable attention all over the world. Bangladesh is situated between 20.30 - 26.38 degrees North latitude and 88.04 - 92.44 degrees east. It has seven hundred Km coastal line. Analyzing the upper air data by CWET India show that wind energy resource of Bangladesh is poor in wind resource for grid connected wind parks. At present several wind resource assessment program of BPDB is ongoing in the country. From the previous studies it can be inferred that the small wind turbines can be installed in the coastal regions of the country. Winds are caused by the uneven heating of the atmosphere by the sun, the irregularities of the earth's surface, and rotation of the earth. …

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