Academic journal article Journal of Family and Consumer Sciences

AAFCS Resolution Supports Sustainability, Resource Development

Academic journal article Journal of Family and Consumer Sciences

AAFCS Resolution Supports Sustainability, Resource Development

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Family resources was a strong focus of President Bush's State of the Union address on January 28, 2003. With the weakening economy, there are proposals to increase the deduction for children, increase the education credits, and provide prescription coverage for the elderly-all intended to provide more spendable income for families. The members of this Association have been on the forefront of resource development and sustainability.

A review of AAFCS resolutions supports this. Below is a resolution passed in June, 1996, regarding the issue of resource availability and adequacy for disadvantaged families.

Assessing the Impact of Legislation on Family Resource Availability and Adequacy

WHEREAS, every public proposal has potential impact on family resource availability and adequacy; and,

WHEREAS, the optimal development of individuals, families, and communities depends on the adequacy and quality of resources available to them; and,

WHEREAS, family resources, including financial resources, human capital and the capacity for self-sufficiency, and access to resources, employment, markets, trade, information and technology are not equitably available to all families and communities; and,

WHEREAS, the diverse voices of all families and their members do not carry equal weight in policy discussion; and

WHEREAS, the dialogue about families during the major global conferences of the 1990's reflect a growing concern about the precarious situation of families around the world, and warrant policy decisions that reflect a family-sensitive perspective; and,

WHEREAS, the impact of returning responsibility for family well-being to state and local government has not been fully established; and,

WHEREAS, MEMBERS OF THE American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (AAFCS) are family professionals well-equipped to assist in the evaluation of the impact of legislation on the well-being of children, youth, and families; therefore, be it

RESOLVED that members of AAFCS support efforts and expanded opportunities for policy makers to increase their awareness of the impact of welfare reform policies on family resource availability and adequacy; and, be if further

RESOLVED that AAFCS work in coalition with other groups in urging the implementation of a family impact assessment model to accompany proposed local, state, and national welfare reform legislation. …

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