Academic journal article Asian Social Science

Effect of Using Video on Learning Skill of Emitting in Table Tennis

Academic journal article Asian Social Science

Effect of Using Video on Learning Skill of Emitting in Table Tennis

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The study aims to examine the effect of using video on learning skills of fore and retro-emission in Table tennis. The sample of study consisted of 40 students of the table tennis course at Hashemite University. The results of the study showed that using video has a positive effect on learning process. It develops the skill of both fore and retro-emission in Table tennis. The results also showed that the effect of using video is the best method of learning the skills of both fore and retro-emission. In addition, this leads to this learning program by video is a useful method in learning the skills of Table tennis.

Keywords: skills, table tennis, video, emitting

1. Introduction

Educational operation preoccupies researchers concerned with education nowadays. It depends on a group of educational experience at the instructor, and relates to the content of educational subject and how to communicate with students, conveying information by instruments and variant means of education, concerning the best using of information technology. Putting in mind consizing time and effort. Styles and different methods of education are considered important matters. The instructor or the physical trainer should put in mind to achieve the objectives of the educational operation. He should be proficient to promote the educational operation, with different skills, observing concise in time and effort. Dealing with beginner students, as it is with accepted students at faculties of physical education, needs a great effort and time to convey information to them and achieve the aim of educational operation (Al-As'ous, 2001; Singer & Peose, 1976).

Many researchers indicated to sharing offered by educational means in submitting assistance to students of different ages and stages of learning, and machinery of acquiring the performance, or good agreement with movements and variant physical educations. For educational means met a big role in learning operation and education in general and motional learning in particular. Their using assists mastering the motional skills; together with the instructor and physical trainer on varying styles of education and training taking the educational operation out of monotony and boredom. takes it to excitement and attracts attention and heightens students' level (Al-Masri, 1997) for example, many basic skills in the table tennis need plenty of preparation, effort and developed educational and assisting instruments, enabling the instructor, or physical trainer increase effectiveness of the level of learning (Salameh, 1999).

Movements that performance of basic skills demands in the table-tennis depends on how to execute the correct performance, built on principles of education and training, clearly done during different conditions of playing. Therefore, giving the correct referee on the individual through hoped results from the educational operation, and so applying all technical and skillful plans concerning the game.

2. Problem and Significance of Study

Operation of preparing individual at an integrated form and well balanced from all personal sides (physical, skillful, Social mental, psychological, and emotional) is considered from the objectives of physical education with all its activities and different types. Significance of this study comes from concentration on the best employed styles in the educational operation at some skills of the table-tennis for the University stage in particular, and through the session of the physical education and the variant physical activities in both sides; the practical and the theoretical, through which we aspire to assist the student to understand, grasp and implement variant skills. It is an objective should be achieved. The instructor should use all methods and different educational means, which enrich the learning operation and create the element of excitement inside students, and assist in elevating students' level in the different sides, which achieve innovation and destination (Singer & Dick, 1980). …

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