Academic journal article International Journal of Marketing Studies

The Impact of Jordanian Shopping Malls' Physical Surrounding on Consumer Buying Behavior: Field Study

Academic journal article International Journal of Marketing Studies

The Impact of Jordanian Shopping Malls' Physical Surrounding on Consumer Buying Behavior: Field Study

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Purpose-The purpose of this research is to investigate the physical surrounding and its elements such as ambient conditions, design factors, and social factors in Jordanian shopping malls and also its affect on consumer buying behavior to attract them to spend more money, spend more time, unplanned purchase, and also satisfactions. And the research found that there is a strong relationship between physical surrounding and its elements with consumer buying behavior.

Design/Methodology/Approach-convenience random sampling was employed to recruit 200 mal shoppers representing the desired range of demographic characteristics (e.g., age, level of education, gender, nationality, marital status, shopping time).

Findings-this paper showed that paying more attention to the physical surrounding will help in increasing consumer buying behavior by spending more time, money, and satisfaction.

Keywords: physical surrounding, ambient conditions, design factors, social factors, consumer buying behavior

1. Introduction

Physical surrounding is one of the marketing mix strategies. It has a great interest in service sector both the internal and external. Physical surroundings are the most used because they are the tangible aspect that consumers can realize. Physical surrounding is one of the important elements that affect in consumer behavior. Some people called it servicescapes and also environmental dimensions as Bitner, 1992. In many researches it consists of three factors: ambient condition as (color, music, scent, temperature, lighting, and air quality), design factors as (furnishings, style of décor, equipment, and also layout), and social factors as (personal, noise, signs, symbols, and artifacts) as demonstrated in (Bitner, 1992; Venkatraman & Nelson, 2008; Chen & Hsieh, 2011). Physical surrounding means the whole things that related to the environment and atmosphere surrounding the store such as sound, lighting, scent, and others. These factors strongly affect the consumers and their behaviors. For example, when you go to the mall and want to buy a T-shirt, the first thing you will look at is how the store looks like? Style of décor, colors, and many other things. A pleasant store atmosphere can prolong the time consumers spend in the store, increasing the likelihood that the consumer will find something he or she needs, as well as, increasing impulse buying (Chen & Hsieh, 2011). Atmospherics have received a lot of attention from researchers, and music has received a large portion of that attention. Many in the field and some in the lab have identified relationships between affective qualities of music and specific behaviors of consumers (Gaygen, 2013). Physical surroundings help to shape appropriate feelings and reactions in customers and employees. Music can have powerful effects on perceptions and behaviors and also scent is another important ambient dimension. In addition to music and scent, researchers have found that colors have a strong impact on people's feelings. (Lovelock & Wirtz, 2011). Now a day's Shopping centers had various kinds of store and most of countries grasp similar sales advertisings yearly. Throughout the sales advertising, retail shops frequently changes in physical surrounding with various kinds of music, décor and sales discount ranging from 25 to 75 per cent. This friendly environment transform would motivate and influence consumers purchasing behavior. It is frequent to monitor that shopping malls lean to put up remarkable physical surrounding as extrinsic value to draw customers to the mall and stores (Rizwan et al., 2013). It has been demonstrated by research over the years that sounds and music influence the shopping experience in retail atmospherics and can affect the consumers in tangible ways. Music in the retail space can be honed to reflect the brand, enhance the customer experience and reinforce consumer aspirations, promoting higher sales and is come to occupy an important place in the store atmospherics. …

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