Academic journal article Canadian Social Science

The Influence Factors and Promotion Strategies of Coal Enterprise Soft Power

Academic journal article Canadian Social Science

The Influence Factors and Promotion Strategies of Coal Enterprise Soft Power

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Coal enterprise soft power is an important part of enterprise core competitiveness which is crucial in the development and construction business. According to development feature of coal business and the coal industry combined with the current form of development changes, on the basis of systematically analyzing the formation affecting factors of coal enterprise soft power, the writer thinks that coal enterprises should shape the corporate culture, continue to enhance the coal enterprise management innovation and technological innovation, focus on personnel training of coal enterprises, fully modify the image of coal enterprises to enhance the soft power, and take enterprise soft power building as hard power to expand and extend the platform to improve coal enterprise comprehensive strength and competitiveness.

Key words: Coal enterprise; Soft power; Affecting factors; Promotion strategies


Coal enterprise plays a pivotal role in China's economic development and the protection of national energy security. With the continuous development of society, the new economic forms emerges, affected by the global financial crisis, most of China's coal industry growth is slowing down, demand for coal decreased since the second half of 2008 (Chinese coal industry characteristics and future prospects, 2012). Lead to the emergence of a new mode of competition and this added a new pressure to our survival, in order to ensure the sustainable development of coal enterprises, there is a need for making new adjustments to coal enterprises of production and management methods. Today is the era of competition in the coal enterprise culture idea of competition, management of competition, the competitive business model and intrinsically safe competition. With in the context of the era of information technology, the coal industry should not only rely on the development of capital, technology, labor, and other hard power support, but also to rely on the tremendous impact of the soft power including coal enterprise culture, innovation, corporate stakeholders, entrepreneurs.


Nowadays, domestic and foreign research results for soft power is relatively rare, the term "soft power" has gradually been applied to the enterprise field since it is introduced. The definition of enterprise soft power has not yet unified, but some scholars for the study of soft power has been given some relatively authoritative definition. Studies by Zhang, Yao, and Li (2012) have shown that enterprise power is conducted between the corporate and corporate stakeholders through interaction and then get their recognition of the value to generate expected ability behavior of enterprise. Studies by Huang et al. (2008) have shown that enterprise soft power is a corporate body to attract business stakeholders and other objects to get the value of their identity through the enterprisespecific resources possession, transfer and dissemination, so that they have the enterprise expected behavior , and ultimately achieve enterprise ability purposes. Shao (2004) defined as an enterprise soft power is by long-time advocate , advocacy and education to accumulate timely, healthy, up code of conduct and values recognition that exist in the subconscious mind of every employee, and it is a combination of corporate integrity, brand, image, service, culture, values, team, affinity, centripetal force. Gao (2006) defined the soft power as an institutionalized ability and a complex of the institutional system and norms of behavior of in the process of long-term business running to gradually building up.

In summary, considering the source and formation of soft power, Huang Guoqun has a better definition on soft power, combining the industry features of coal enterprises, and putting up the definition of coal enterprise soft power is the body of coal mine enterprise to occupy, transform and transfer resource to achieve interaction with its stakeholder to obtain recognition of their value so that can produce the expected behavior of enterprises to the ability of achieve business objectives. …

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