Academic journal article Canadian Social Science

Rural Governance Development in the Context of the New-Type Urbanization in Tanzania: A Comparison with China

Academic journal article Canadian Social Science

Rural Governance Development in the Context of the New-Type Urbanization in Tanzania: A Comparison with China

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Urbanization is a basic trend of development of modern society, is also a kind of inevitable trend. However, you need to go beyond the traditional urbanization areas to understand the urbanization. The mode of traditional urbanization is mainly to population aggregation toward urban, while rural is beginning to depression. The key goal of the new-type urbanization strategy is to achieve the integration of urban and rural development. To realize the goals of integration of urban and rural development, the key problem to be solved is the difference between urban and rural areas, between agriculture and industry and the pattern of urban and rural partition. The main cause of these problems lies in the institutional arrangement, so the main way of new-type urbanization is to through system innovation.

In general, urbanization promoted the rural development, but also brought with problems of governance. The process of urbanization is accompanied by the movement of population. This large-scale population flow not only changed the traditional concept of farmers living, but also changed the ecology of rural society. Therefore, with the development of urbanization, it is still under big challenges in many developing countries rural government development. This article focuses on the rural governance development in the context of the new-type urbanization in Tanzania and China. Since establishment of Sino-Tanzania diplomatic relation in 1964, the two countries have continued to have an excellent outstanding friendship and strong international relation which Tanzania become a big counterpart of China in Africa. This paper will discuss the rural governance system in Tanzania and also compare with China. Furthermore, it will discuss on how Chinese government contribute in rural government in Tanzania and the development project in the context of the new-type urbanization. This overview project will show the development support of Chinese government not only to Tanzania but also to other African countries as well.

Key words: New-type urbanization; Rural Governance; Tanzania; China


Government is the most recognized form of governance, but in this paper will discuss more about governance especially in rural governance and rural development in other hand discuss about the new-type urbanization. Also this paper talk about China's assistance to agriculture and rural development in Tanzania has been extensive, with multiple projects going back to the first economic and technical cooperation and loan agreements since 1964.All these is depending on one another; rural-urban governance is a key challenge on developing process and especially effort must be taken by the central government in order that to make sure that they provide all social needs to the rural area so that that a nation can avoid rural-urban migration, which will cause some problem in the country such as too much traffic and population growth in the city which led to have effect of pollution, contaminated diseases and other human hazard.


It is of paramount importance to understand the term governance. According to (UNDP 1997) defined as "the exercise of economic, political, and administrative authority to manage a country's affairs at all levels". Governance is the process of making and carrying out decision, it also may refer to the management system of the government including cities, counties, special district, regional government etc. When we talk about rural governance at the same time we talk about rural development because rural development depends on having good local governance. Good governance is the most important factor in eradicating poverty and promoting development, therefore we can define that rural governance or in other form as known as local government is a form of public administration which majority of contexts, exist as the lowest tier of administration in a given state.

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