Academic journal article Canadian Social Science

The Problems and Countermeasures of Citizen Participation in Urban Community Governance

Academic journal article Canadian Social Science

The Problems and Countermeasures of Citizen Participation in Urban Community Governance

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The community as the cells of society is the foundation of building a socialist harmonious society, and also is the basic unit of promoting social progress and development. Community residents as the most widely participants and the most important main body in community governance, its participation is not only the essential requirement of community governance, but also is the foundation, motivation and guarantee of community development. At present, the urban community residents' participation is still in its infancy in our country. There are many problems in practice, such as how to improve the community governance system, how to guide the community residents to participate, and how to arouse the enthusiasm of community residents to participate. These problems influenced the construction and development of community. This paper analyzed the present situation and then put out the performances and existing problems of citizen participation in community governance under the support of basic theory of community governance and combined with the literature research of citizen participation in community governance in our country. According to these experiences and problems of community governance, the paper put forward the countermeasures and Suggestions of improving the residents' participation mechanism from four aspects of the relationship between government and civil, citizen participation consciousness, legal regulations and compatibility mechanism. Through the practice of these countermeasures and Suggestions, the author expect to really increase the residents' participation enthusiasm and promote the comprehensive development of community.

Key words: Citizen participation; Community governance; Government


The third party plenary session of the eighteenth proposed "we should to promote the masses' self-management, selfservice, self-education and self-supervision according to law when they participate in the urban and rural community governance, grassroots public affairs and public welfares"


1.1 The Connotation of Citizen Participation in Urban Community Governance

1.1.1 The Citizen Participation

The citizen participation is an important concept of modem democratic theory. Citizen participation usually referred to as public participation, public participation, is trying to influence public policy and public life.

Citizens as the main body of participation in the law is the concept of " people who possess the nationality of a country, and enjoy the rights and obligations according to the country's constitution and laws." According to the concept of citizen participation, participation main body refers to a country's ordinary citizens

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