Academic journal article Pennsylvania Literary Journal


Academic journal article Pennsylvania Literary Journal


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A child stands before a grove of trees.

Her parents stay near in streaming light.

She rests in the assurance of that knowledge

Till evening falls by imperceptible degrees.

She senses something rising from the earth

As suddenly alone and out of sight,

She feels the shadows slip across the edge,

Still before the image of her birth.

Like statues behind the columns in a temple

We worship gods the figures represent

As though like water we felt the lunar pull

Of trees that witnessed when the veil was rent.

Evenings curse as mornings come to bless.

Depression is a heavy fan-shaped leaf

Spreading across the fields the dank tropic

Lassitude of Audubon Park,

Locked in the velvet rut of easiness.

As thinning daylight falls to rising dark

And minds once healthy now feel sick

Luxuriant green fades in pools of lies.

The land has caught a fever from a thief

Who disappeared inside the woods of night.

The drowning, setting sun deludes our eyes

And claims in its refulgence sinful sight.

Each day at twilight the hall's astir

With fretful longings and demands for order

The lights are quickly turned on, the TVs

Louder. Food and meds move from room

To room, but they help little, nurses whisper

Or laugh the truth, if you must ask, the border

Has been crossed. …

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