Academic journal article Cross - Cultural Communication

Value Discrepancy between Chinese Collectivism and Western Individualism from the Daqing Spirit

Academic journal article Cross - Cultural Communication

Value Discrepancy between Chinese Collectivism and Western Individualism from the Daqing Spirit

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The Daqing Spirit, narrowly speaking, stems from daqing. On a broad sense, it belongs to the Chinese nation. It is not only the precious spiritual wealth of the Chinese nation but also a part of the advanced Chinese culture. This kind of national spirit covers excellent ideas, noble characters and strong will, which is natured in the long development of adapting to a new environment. The orientation of individualism or the collectivism is one of the key points in understanding oriental and western cultural sense of value and is the important obstacle reflected in linguistic communication.

Key words: Daqing sprit; Cross-cultural communication; Value; Collectivism; Individualism


Daqing Spirit is the living extension of Chinese national spirit and its splendid light in the specific historic condition. It is an important part of the national spirit with patriotism as the core and the time spirit with reform and innovation as the core spirit. Daqing spirit is also the reflection of the system of socialism core value the precious spiritual, political and cultural resource which remained in the Daqing's construction of socialism, represented by Iron Man Wang Jinxi. As an essential part of Chinese national spirit, Daqing spirit came into being without accidence, whose connotation is the patriotism of bringing honor to the country, hardworking spirit of selfindependence and self-reliance, the practical spirit of science and "three honests and four stricts", and the spirit of contribution in cherishing the whole and reducing the national burden, which is summarized patriotic, pioneering, realistic approach, and dedication.

"I would rather lose 20 years of my life and with all my might to build up the largest oilfield." This was one of the resounding slogans raised by Daqing Iron Man and is the real reflection of Daqing Spirit and Chinese sense of value. To be brief, Daqing spirit reflects the patriotic, pioneering, realistic approach, and dedication of Chinese sense of value and serving one's country with unreserved loyalty and exerting and striving hard without any let up in traditional culture, combined together.


In the more and more frequent cross-cultural communication, both sides often feel the strong cultural conflict among different peoples, such as the bright contrast between linguistic and non-linguistic behavior. However, both the unique communication mode and the specific behavior rules will be restrained and limited by native sense of value, which reflects the essence of national sense of value, as how Professor Hu Wenzhong put it in 1993, "the core value of culture is concept while the concept is not without foundation whose appearance and development is bound to the historic and cultural traditions" (Hu, 1993).

Okabe pointed in 1983 that "cultural sense of value plays an important role in communication whose fluency depends on the degree of the difference between their cultural senses of value" (Okabe, 1983). This gapliked difference is usually obvious in cross-cultural communication. Sense of value is the important engine in social sense, a part of the individual mental construction of every social member and is the choice and recognition to the subject of sense. Sense of value decides the social individual behavior choice while just as the brain can control man's linguistic behavior, people's sense of value leads to various national cultural differences. Therefore, to know the different national sense of value is the precondition of clarifying the various differences of language, society and culture, which will surely be the foundation of cross-cultural communication.

Sense of value is not strange for us but what is sense of value? Scholars have different understanding about its definition. "Sense of value is the mode made within the individual or group communication whose the inner most culture is that we everyone has sense of value. …

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