Academic journal article Language Arts

Words with Wings

Academic journal article Language Arts

Words with Wings

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Words with Wings Written by Nikki Grimes Wordsong, 2013, 84 pp., ISBN 978-1-59078-985-8

Gabriella, named after an angel in the Bible, is a daydreamer who loves words. One poem (p. 11) titled the same as the novel goes like this:

Some words

sit still on the page

holding a story steady.

Those words

never get me into trouble.

But other words have wings

that wake my daydreams.

They fly in,

silent as sunrise,

tickle my imagination,

and carry my thoughts away.

I can't help

but buckle up

for the ride!

Gabriella uses writing and words to set her free from the pain of her parents' divorce, the challenges of moving to a new school, and the loneliness of missing her best friend. Words such as "concert," "sled," "snowflake," or "waterfall" take Gabriella to somewhere else. Gabriella's mother and new teacher are worried about her daydreaming, reminding her to pay attention. …

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