Academic journal article Cross - Cultural Communication

A Discussion about the Humanistic Care in Colleges' Educational Management Work

Academic journal article Cross - Cultural Communication

A Discussion about the Humanistic Care in Colleges' Educational Management Work

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Humanistic care is the new idea and new requirement of educational management work. This paper attempts to reflect on the educational management work from the perspective of humanistic care, appealing to administrators of college students' education to establish the concept of humanistic care, pay attention to the ways and means of giving humanistic care, and actively explore and seek approaches to achieving humanistic care.

Key words: Educational management work; College students; Humanistic care

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Humanistic care is a modem education philosophy and tendency which is full of emotion and love. It emphasizes proceeding from the people, centers around people, values human dignity, and respects human creativity. Since giving sincere care and overwhelming love to people will help them make self-improvement, administrators of college students' education should firmly establish the education concept of humanistic care, pay more attention to humanistic care in their daily educational management work and center around students, so as to not only play an educational, guiding and encouraging role, but also successfully respect, understand, and care about students. Practices have proved that the more humanistic care we can find in the college education management work, the more prominent will the actual effects of ideological and political education on the part of college students become.


There are strong theoretical foundations and realistic basis for strengthening and improving the educational management work on the part of college students, for emphasizing humanistic care, and for enhancing the humanistic connotation of educational management work.

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As the guiding ideology of the work in colleges and universities, the scientific outlook on development reclUIres us t0 adhere t0 ** People-oriented value, and to achieve "scientific development" of university work. According to the definition of the scientific outlook on development, scientific development should be not only in line with the objective laws and revolve around science, but also should include humanistic care as its Administrators of college students' education go ahead with the times, engage in and focus on humanistic care, and establish a balanced, sustainable and comprehensive development mode for colleges through comprehensive education as well as a variety of practical activities that are intrinsically linked. As a result, college students will be improved both inside and outside in the aspects of their morality and intelligence, knowledge and ability, physiology and psychology, thus forming a new situation where the ideological and political education of college students will enjoy the capability of coordination, This has not only creatively answered the fundamental problems posed on colleges and universities, that is, "what" kind of person should be cultivated and "how" to cultivate them, but also has great relation to whether colleges can achieve the designed objectives guided by the scientific outlook on development. Therefore, emphasizing humanistic care while conducting education management work for college students is not only an integral part of the scientific outlook on development, but also is a concrete manifestation of colleges' thorough implementation of the scientific development concept.

1.2 Requirement of Promoting College Students' Comprehensive Development

Promoting people's comprehensive development is an essential requirement of Marxism about human's development, and is also the purpose of ideological and political education. When stating the comprehensive development of human beings and human emancipation, Marx hoped to establish a "social form which regards individual's comprehensive and free development as the guiding principle." As for the humanistic care, its aim is to "provide assistance to persons who can help themselves" so as to achieve "their full existence". …

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