Academic journal article Cross - Cultural Communication

Study on Utility Philanthropy of Corporations

Academic journal article Cross - Cultural Communication

Study on Utility Philanthropy of Corporations

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Corporate philanthropies have played an important role in the development of philanthropy in China. Although the nature of chanty makes it free and voluntary the corporate philanthropy is usually utilitarian m the economic activities. Utilitarian theory provides a basic academic support for the utilitarian philanthropy of corporations; however, it causes many contentions and disputes. This paper explores three moral laws of the utilitarian philanthropy of corporations from independent donations, fairness and justice, integrity, in order to make the corporations assume more social responsibilities better.

Key words: Charity; Corporate philanthropies; Utilitarianism


Curporate philanthropies play an important and indispensable role in the process of the development of philanthropy. Not only are the corporate philanthropies moral behaviors, but also have positive effects on reallocating the social resources. Corporate philanthropies provide new ideas for solving public crisis and social problems meanwhile are an important way to assume more social responsibilities. Corporate philanthropies also present their business with real opportunities for growth and development, especially enterprises' development is coming in a time of competition for soft power. Corporate philanthropies are propitious to advance their public images, and to promote the development of their culture, md to attract the best employees, etc.

What exactly is corporate philanthropies? The notice strenSt^ien financial management about corporate donation released by the Financial Ministry which had been in force since j M 2003 sa c ate philanthropies are behaviors which e"terprises couid ift ^ ; al ssions t0 rightftll donees without enforcement and a t Furthermore> possessions be Qnly used in public sectors which have n0 direct relevance with productions and operating activities. It is observed that ent ises should be voiuntary and i8 while have n0 direct relevance with the donee. This is what charify,s non.utility means. Completing non_utilify charify behaviors ^ rare in ^ real world. Decided by mainstream tadi,ionai economic theories, ls of enterprises are engage in all activities aiming at increasing economic interest by using their resources in a range permitted by laws and regulations. In other WQrd c te philanthropies will inevitably be related to the enterpnses economic interests. We can not neglect economic benefits but alone chasing moral principles blind, obviously it doesn't work. Then, can corporate philanthropies be utility?


Although corporate philanthropies played certain part in urging the development of charity in China in this direction5 the argUments of corporate philanthropies' utility exist all the while These arguments display themselves in three aspects.

1.1 There Are Serious Tendencies Towards Formalistic Among Corporate Philanthropies

Many entrepreneurs really don't know what they're supposed to do when they want to give back to the community after having being rich. Not enough to know genuine philanthropy, what entrepreneurs seek to do is economic benefits , especially preferential taxation policies or other privileges. It is an outrageously moral corrupt event that some enterprises took expired food as donations. Furthermore, it's not sure that whether the donation objects really have been helped during the process of charitable donations. Some enterprises, however, may not care about how their donations will be used. The only one who can get benefits is the organizer, who can earn a fine fame and will become the subject of massive media coverage in the coming few days. Sadly these activities still have rallying point among the enterprises.

1.2 Corporate Philanthropies Lack Specific and Effective Measures

At present, in China, there are several enterprises contenting themselves with temporary fame and wealth in philanthropy activities, so their charity donations usually happen until disaster take place. …

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