Academic journal article Chicago Review

The Issue of Their Loins

Academic journal article Chicago Review

The Issue of Their Loins

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Possibility. The possible.

It lets itself away when it divides.

Until from the sperm's flagellates at its borders the ovum drinks

into it the decisive,



it does not sunder toward begetting.

Of whatever

later from the ovum might be led to the fore,

not a first move.

Not yet for it the cells in two

cell-making sets,

the paler, fleeter one set

given to engird the other. Inside it



the ability of the still-


Such is the ovum's dower that until

cut for

it tends more and more

away from the same-centered.

Any actual

first upshot of its cleaving

is not to be fallen short of when it cleaves.

To surpass itself is a charge

the capable contract with,

able as they are at besting in its carrier

the native

bent to increase. Desiring,

winsome and desired,

ahead of herself

already is she to the times at hand of

issue that will be her double.

The capable are those who through their

fine intervenings bring her

back into phase.

Herself among them,

they would have her put on continence wherever she

fares in her rounds. Made willful

bid to by them in her is that,


the ovum contains

along with the companionable

yea to division

the nay. …

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