Academic journal article Studies in Literature and Language

Problems of the Current Rural Public Culture Construction in China and Corresponding Countermeasures

Academic journal article Studies in Literature and Language

Problems of the Current Rural Public Culture Construction in China and Corresponding Countermeasures

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The rural public culture construction is one of the key content of socialist new countryside construction. In recent years, the CCP and the government have attached great importance to building it. And the rural public culture construction has achieved great development. While, there exist some issues, such as disconnect between supply and demand, the inferior quality, rigid management mechanism, restricting the comprehensive development of rural public culture construction. Therefore, the paper makes analysis from the perspective of insufficient funds, government-led pattern and the lack of systems and mechanisms, then take corresponding countermeasures to meet farmers' culture needs and protect their cultural rights and interests.

Key words: Public culture; Rural public culture; Problems and countermeasures


The 18th CPC National Congress Report focuses on improving the quality of citizens' morality and enriching individuals' spiritual life. Then a new target for culture construction is put forward, that is, adhering to the basic level and servicing the masses. We should accelerate the key cultural projects that benefit the public. Meanwhile, increasing the support for the cultural construction in rural and underdeveloped areas is necessary. Also, public cultural service facilities free open to the public should be considered (Hu, 2012). Building the socialist new countryside and ensuring the harmonious development of rural society has become the era theme. In this context, it is necessary to strengthen the new rural public culture construction and protect the basic cultural rights and interests of farmers. In order to implementing the spirit of The 18th CPC National Congress Report, doing some research on the situation of rural public culture construction is our first priority. Then, it is vital to set up the rural public culture service system and solve the relevant problems.


The public culture is the sum of all kinds of nonprofit cultural institutions and services that protect the public basic cultural rights and interests. The specific forms are public cultural goods and public cultural service. The government dominates in this area along with social participation. Obviously, the public culture is useful for the popularization of culture and knowledge, as well as the spread of advanced culture. Also, it will meet the public demand for culture. The rural public cultural goods, of course, meet the definition of public goods. They are products own non-exclusive and non-competitive character, to be specific, including radio and television, movies, newspapers, books etc. The rural public cultural products meet the needs of the rural cultural construction and the demand for cultural rights of farmers. The rural public cultural service, namely, is the general term of institution and system that protect the farmers' basic cultural rights and provide basic public cultural service to them. The rural public cultural service consists of public cultural service facilities, resources and specific services etc..


From the present situation, coupling with the continuous improvement of living standards in rural areas, the farmers' demand for public culture gradually expand. While, the rural public cultural construction lags behind the economic and social development, mainly in public culture disjunction between supply and demand, the inferior quality, rigid management system etc.

2.1 The Disjunction Between Supply and Demand Concerning Public Culture

The rural public culture supply shortage is a universal phenomenon. A lack of cultural resources in rural areas is a major reason for it. While there is an ignored contradiction, that is, part of the public cultural goods and services are surplus and the other part of them are insufficient.

The contradiction results from the disjunction between supply and demand, namely, 'what you offer is not what I need. …

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