Academic journal article Advances in Management

An Empirical Study on Factors Influencing Internet Advertising Effects

Academic journal article Advances in Management

An Empirical Study on Factors Influencing Internet Advertising Effects

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Internet advertising emerged as the most economical and effective advertising method along with fast developing internet technology and fast growing number of internet users because of easy accessibility, cost effectiveness and flexibility. Since performance of internet advertising is only measured by visible business performance indices such as sales, profit or market share and this makes pessimistic aspect more negative. Because of above problems, this study was carried out based on assumption that internet advertising performance should be evaluated by not only visible business performance indices but also by invisible performance indices such as brand awareness, brand recognition, buying intention and communication effects.

Therefore this study emphasized communication effects as a core factor to evaluate internet performance effects. And internet advertising massage structure, internet advertising marketing strategies and consumer physical environment are considered measuring factors of communication effects regarding internet advertising industry condition. The results of the study provide theoretical contribution by finding factors influencing internet advertising effects as well as practical contribution by finding an internet advertising strategic guideline.

Keywords: Internet advertising, communication effect, physical environment.


The objective of this study is directing methods to advancing the effects of internet advertising. It focuses on the relationship between brand awareness and its influencing factors such as internet advertising massage structure, marketing strategies and consumer's environmental factors. Therefore the study specifically separates internet advertising massage, marketing strategies and consumer environment factors as independent variables and brand awareness as a dependent variable in order to find the effects between these two different variables. The previous theories and studies on internet advertising effects before proposing the prepositions and these propositions might predict the internet advertising effects based on using different marketing strategies and consumers' physical environmental conditions. Basically certain internet advertising with distinctive characteristics can stimulate consumers' interest and using better marketing strategies to that advertising expose high brand awareness to the consumers. Additionally, quiet and proper physical environmental conditions when consumers are exposed by internet advertising drive the effects of advertising high level.

Previous Studies and Propositions

Internet advertising massage structure and awareness: Theories in persuasive communication can be the most adequate methods for discovering advertising massage structure related to the effects of advertisings. These theories divide massage structure to contents, sign and treatment as three distinctive areas6.

Massage contents: Massage content is a communicator or a massager's proposition on concerned issue. Information, knowledge or other people's opinion which can support communicator's opinion could be the supporting data or resources. Including these data communicator's propositions can be classified into three categories such as proposition of fact, proposition of value and proposition of policy.

(1) Proposition of fact: This proposition shows descriptive style opinion composed with "This is ...", "This is not ..." It is also sub-classified with proposition of legal process, propositions of past fact, proposition of present fact and proposition of future fact.

(2) Proposition of value: This proposition describes one's opinion on person or object and shows the value of that object such that "... is good.", "... is not good."

(3) Proposition of policy: This proposition describes one's demanding, proposal and suggestion on policy execution and it has a style such as "should ...", "must..."

Advertising massage consists of two or more of above mentioned propositions and supporting data or resources of these propositions such as one's experience of information knowledge and expert opinion. …

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