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Luisa Casati, Fountain Dress (1921)

Academic journal article Field

Luisa Casati, Fountain Dress (1921)

Article excerpt

The absolute decay of everything

where I brim and pool it

where I leak and trickle it

in these icy skirts, these tinkling jewels

where I am molested by light, by refulgence,

I am smiling I am shaking free

I am a hive of brittle quiverings

ladders climb me in flumy spirals

lacy veils sprig and wetly flower

I tell the naiad no but she's coming

I tell the naiad no I want no root no source

I tell the naiad no no she is smiling

I have walked too far fair rot

fair riot I have gone too far

the silver feather losing shape

it is losing me taking shape

the silver feather in the rain

the silver feather wilting its light

unquilling the silver feather

bound for disaster

bound for welcoming

the absolute decay

of everything

that time

I was breaking up myself

and I was floored, I was bowled over

the apples of the sunlight

stacked in stone boxes

dropped flocks folded into sheets

and keeping me always doing something-

Save not your leakage graceful line

your holinesses leave me alone

the cats of you, the trails of you,

the swinging arms of you,

the merciless traces of you

the leaking drains

that foggy hand wringing itself. …

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