From the Editor

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This last issue of Volume 6 is devoted to the rigorous analysis of individual investor options in terms of taxable and nontaxable fund allocations. The first two articles examine the new choices that individual investors face with their retirement dollars. These include deductible IRAs, nondeductible IRAs, the new Roth IRAs, and mutual funds. Terry L. Crain and Jeffrey R. Austin provide mathematical models for after-tax accumulations for each of the investment alternatives that considers return, taxable return, time horizon, and tax rates for ordinary income and capital gains. The focus in their article entitled, "An Analysis of the Tradeoff Between Tax Deferred Earnings in IRAs and Preferential Capital Gains" is on individuals who are currently in the 31 percent or higher tax bracket.

Stephan M. Horan, Jeffrey H. Peterson, and Robert McLeod extend the analysis to those individuals whose tax brackets may be lower after they retire. "An Analysis of Nondeductible IRA Contributions and Roth IRA Conversions" examines taxable mutual fund investments versus nondeductible IRAs and the desirability of converting existing IRAs to Roth IRAs. They find that the mutual fund option is less attractive when withdrawal tax rates decline and that the conversion to Roth IRAs works best for those who will remain in the same tax bracket upon withdrawal.

Several large mutual funds have recently been closed to new investors, and are the subject of the article entitled, "Performance of Mutual Funds Before and After Closing to New Investors". …


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