Academic journal article Canadian Social Science

Practice Teaching Method Research Based on Directional Decomposition of Scientific Research Project

Academic journal article Canadian Social Science

Practice Teaching Method Research Based on Directional Decomposition of Scientific Research Project

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To solve some practical teaching problems of current undergraduates including management chaos, unclear objectives, poor content continuity, a kind of practice teaching method based on directional decomposition of the single scientific research project is put forward after the introduction of McClelland achievement motivation theory. Firstly, the importance and the problems of current practice teaching in the college students' training are pointed out. And the McClelland achievement motivation theory and application of this theory in college student's cultivation are elaborated. Combining with the professional practice teaching characteristic, we propose the overall scheme of researched method. By studying the tutor system management and the directional decomposition method of scientific research project, the method, the key technology and the ultimately teaching reform effect on the research teaching that can solve the current problem are given in this paper. Through the implementation of practice teaching reform method, some problems of practice teaching in college students will be effectively resolved, which is an important guiding to the current undergraduate practical teaching management.

Key words: Practice management; Teaching methods; Directional decomposition; Tutor system


With increase of demands for applied talents, the training direction, teaching methods and final results of the undergraduate practical were out of touch with the reality of talent demand for the community. It mainly reflects in the unreasonable practice schedules, without system arrangement of practice and inefficient implementation and so on. The focus is reflected in the contradiction between supply and demand of university graduates and enterprises. So how to carry out the practice tasks, improve the efficiency of the practice and finally make the practice having the best effect in the undergraduate teaching has become the current important subject of teaching reform in universities. It will be of great practical guiding significance from this research of teaching reform methods about university practice, including the content modification, class adjustment and results evaluation etc.. So in this paper, based on the study of McClelland achievement motivation theory, we put forward a practice teaching method that is directional decomposition of scientific research project, and analyze this research method in detailed, which of purpose is to provide an effective management means for college undergraduate course teaching.


With the development of social economy, politics, culture, there are changes in every part of the whole society. As an important part of our society, the university education should also keep up with the times development, and constantly adjust their target, policy and management methods.

1.1 The Facing Problems of Current Undergraduate Practice Teaching

To a relatively stable area, current university education can not adapt to the rapid development of society in many respects. Especially when the current university practices teaching facing this society actual demand for college student, this problem is very outstanding. Firstly employing company can not find the qualified people owing to the professional skills, at the same time the graduate students are not satisfied with the employing company's treatment. Secondly employing company need ability of graduate students, but at the same time graduate students can not enter the company's technology research department. Above two problems on the surface are absolutely contradictory, but the essential cause of the problem is only one that is the practical ability cultivation of our college students, that is the beginning ability completely unable to match the actual needs of the current society. As a result, students can't find the ideal job, the employing company also can not find the ideal talents. …

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